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Catering restaurant kitchen equipment list

by:Grace     2021-03-20
What kind of kitchen equipment is needed to open a restaurant, and what kind of restaurant kitchen equipment do I need to buy? Let me make a purchase list for everyone today. If you want to make a list of purchases, you must first know what is your restaurant's positioning? It is Chinese food to maintain Western food, what type of cuisine is it, what are the staple foods, whether it is possible to establish a cold vegetable room and a roasting room, and the number of people to eat, the restaurant What's the taste? When these are settled down, we might as well make a list. What kind of equipment is needed, what kind of equipment is needed, although the designer still gives the starting plan, you still need to make a list first, so that it is rare in your heart. At the end of the day, you might as well collude with the designer to see which equipment is more suitable. In the restaurant kitchen function rooms, the hot kitchen room, the pastry room, the meal preparation room, the cold dish room, and the washing room are all necessary, as well as the roasting room and the warehouse. 1. The hot kitchen room is used for cooking: a blast stove is used for cooking, a steaming cabinet is used for steaming, a low-soup stove and a casserole are better for boiling soup, and the heat preservation equipment requires a dish warmer, a refrigerator, and smoke exhaust equipment. A series of equipment such as oil net fume hoods, oil fume purifiers, and fire dampers. The rest are control tables, ponds, and vegetable racks. A washing faucet may be prepared to wash the earth. 2. The noodles are mainly used to make noodles. Steamed rice, steamed buns and buns should be steamed in the cabinet, fried fillings should be fried in a small oven, and pancakes should be in an oven or an electric baking pan. Since there will be more lampblack steam, it is necessary to equip a series of fume hoods. There are also pasta slabs, so you can choose which one you need with the dough mixer, noodle maker, mixer, and proofing box. The rest are wooden noodle tables, vegetable racks, refrigerators, seasoning cabinets, ponds, etc. 3. Equipped with a boiling water device and a tea cabinet in the meal preparation room. It is necessary to equip it with a pond. It is better to clean the tableware in time. 4. The cold dish room needs a counter, a vegetable rack, a refrigerator, and a pond. 5. The decontamination room may as well be equipped with a dishwasher, a complete set of equipment or a cup washer. Look at the amount of tableware. If it's not too big, just have a Samsung sink. Disinfecting cabinets are indispensable, as well as cupboards, food stand, and washing faucet. 6. The roasting room is used to make barbecued food. If the amount of food is small, use the roast duck oven. If there is a lot of grilled food, you need to use the roasting pig oven, the stewing material uses the low-boy oven, the maltose box is used for coloring, and the duck rack is hanging. It is used to dry barbecued food, as well as ponds and so on. 7. The warehouse may wish to set up a cold storage or extend the refrigerator, plus a few shelves. These are the seven standing function rooms in the restaurant and kitchen. The equipment is arranged according to the needs of the application. It is better to prevent abuse in this way, but it is best to consult the designer carefully to prevent the lack of equipment and influence the remote ordinary transactions . Next: This is the last one. Previous: The list of kitchen equipment in the canteen of the government unit
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