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Environmental storm swept the entire restaurant kitchen equipment industry

by:Grace     2021-03-26
The environmental protection storm swept the hotel kitchen equipment industry's environmental protection rectification work. Normalization of the environmental protection storm swept the entire hotel kitchen equipment industry. In order to implement the major decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on environmental protection inspections, in November, the Central Environmental Protection Inspection Team was stationed in Guangdong for a one-month period. Environmental protection inspection work. In November, the fourth environmental protection inspection team of the central government stationed in Foshan to fully carry out the central environmental protection inspection work. On the 15th, Shunde held a mobilization meeting for the comprehensive improvement and promotion of village-level industrial parks in the whole district, and began to mobilize the 249 village-level industrial parks. Comprehensive rectification work. It is understood that at present, Shunde continues to carry out large-scale environmental law enforcement operations, and the investigation and punishment of violations resolutely implements the principle of must be punished and stopped. Since the central environmental protection inspection team entered Guangdong, a total of 128 environmental law enforcement cases have been filed and 7 cases have been seized and detained. 4 cases were transferred to public security, and 696 companies were shut down. Among them, there are many home furnishing companies in Shunde. Under the pressure of inspectors, many home furnishing companies have been forced to rectify or suspend production. The person in charge of a Longjiang home furnishing company said that this environmental protection The storm has brought considerable impact to the entire home furnishing industry, the most direct of which is to increase costs and affect the delivery date. Due to the shutdown of upstream raw material manufacturers, some home furnishing factories cannot purchase raw materials, resulting in delivery time Not sure. There are also many home furnishing companies calling on customers to place orders as soon as possible to avoid price increases for kitchenware. Environmental protection remediation work will be normalized in the past. Environmental protection remediation work pays more attention to governance, but now it pays more attention to prevention and starts from the source of pollution. This large-scale environmental protection remediation work for manufacturing enterprises also reflects this. For this environmental storm, many industry insiders believe that the fuse is the high degree of haze pollution in the northern region in recent times. Industry insiders said that recently For a while, the smog has been severe and has directly affected people's quality of life, so the government can no longer sit back and ignore it. Peng Congen, deputy secretary of the Shunde District Committee and mayor, pointed out at the mobilization meeting for the comprehensive improvement and improvement of village-level industrial parks in the whole district, The environment is the most public interest and resource. We must not be soft on the environmental issues of village-level industrial parks. Nowadays, the continuous bad environment has rapidly strengthened people's environmental awareness. They have paid more and more attention to the environmental performance of hotel kitchen equipment. The environmental protection rectification work in the kitchen equipment industry has also become more stringent. Recently, the central government has carried out various inspections, and the hotel kitchen equipment industry has set off an environmental storm. Industry insiders said that the speed of the industry's reshuffle will continue to accelerate.
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