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Grace Kitchen Equipment Public Welfare Activities- Nanhai District Snack Show

Grace Kitchen Equipment Public Welfare Activities- Nanhai District Snack Show

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Guangdong, China
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Grace Kitchen Equipment
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Snack Equipments
Hotdog Machine
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Ice Cream Machine
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Popcorn Machine
Electric Fryer
Cotton Candy Machine
Coffee Machine
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Mini Pancake Machine

Grace Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd Public Welfare Activities- Nanhai District Snack Show

Grace Kitchen Equipment has extensive experienced in helping restaurants and foodservice operators of all types establish successful, profitable businesses. From the finest commercial kitchen establishments to Hotel Kitchens, Catering, Bakeries Internationally to well-known and foodservice operators and restaurant chains, we have worked with virtually every type of foodservice operation. We count many of the nation’s top designing, Manufacturing commercial kitchen among our long-term client-customers. As we are also known in dealing Globally trading companies in Russia, Uzbek, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, UAE in Asia Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia, China and many more.

Ms.Grace together with our Team was honored to be invited by Nanhai Foreign Language School to hold a public benefit activity . We prepared our best and top quality equipments to share and make a joyful activities with the students and share a memorable experienced with the children. The public benefit activity not only give us opportunity to showcase our products but also gives us a chance to have a meaningful project together with our company vision we wish to have more activities in the future to be part of significant projects.
Our Projects
Nanhai Foreign Language School inherits the educational philosophy of Nanhai Experimental Middle School, focusing on establishing the highest-ranking and largest special foreign language school by carrying forward the quality oriented. The pride of outside the South.

Grace Kitchen Equipment and the whole team was Honored to be part of Significant public benefit activity.
We prepared our different Snack equipment's that is suited and will be loved by the Students. The hardworking staffs happily participated with the activities and professionally showcase our mainly snack equipment from hotdog machine, ice cream machine , popcorn machine, electric fryer, cotton candy machine, blenders, coffee machines , bubble waffle maker, mini pancake machine and many more.
The public benefit activity was truly a remarkable experienced not just from us but also to children, they are surely enjoy every moment and we're happy to share them our Top Quality Equipment's .They learned how their favorite snack foods was cooked by using Innovative equipment's from us.
Grace Kitchen Equipments is successfully been part of relevant project that we will do more in the future, because we believe better touch better business.
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Grace Kitchen Snack Equipment Series
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