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How to clean the kitchen equipment electric oven

by:Grace     2020-11-24
Electric oven is high power electric equipment of kitchen utensils and appliances, cleaning must be particularly careful, prevent leakage damage or even generate safe hidden trouble. 1, each time after use the electric oven, must be timely to do a good job of cleaning. Otherwise, the soot accumulated a thick again after cleaning, it is difficult to remove not only, but also influence bake effect. Before cleaning the oven, please pull the plug, and wait for the oven to cool completely before. 2, generally use neutral cleanser, including grill and grill all attachments. 3, when cleaning, do not use sharp cleaning tools, non-stick coating in order to avoid damage to the pan. 4, when cleaning, electric oven heating tube also need regular cleaning, in particular, when the heating tube above contaminated with oil, it is best to use a soft wet cloth scrub clean. To avoid in the future the use of the process, the heating tube will emit odor because of the heat. 5, in addition to want to do a good job of cleaning the internal, external electric oven should be soaked in oven door cleaner soft wet cloth clean surface.
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