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How to make reasonable use of space in restaurant kitchen equipment

by:Grace     2021-03-25
In the kitchen engineering project, the location of the restaurant kitchen equipment is also a very important part, so how should the space be used reasonably? First of all, the kitchen needs to choose a location with sufficient area. The kitchen must match the size of the restaurant and the operating service items, so that the kitchen The regional functions are complete. The main and non-staple food processing rooms, toilets, warehouses, offices and other auxiliary workshops in the kitchen should be arranged together as much as possible to facilitate work and reduce the distance between management and cooperation. The distance between the kitchen equipment and the auxiliary workshop directly affects work efficiency. If the number of kitchen equipment is small, the power is insufficient, and the grade is poor, the quality of the meal, the grade of the dish, and the speed of the meal will be affected, and there will be no good benefits. The kitchen is a place for food processing, and the environmental and sanitation of the restaurant's kitchen equipment must be ensured , There should be no dust, smoke, garbage dumps, sewage ditch and other pollution sources nearby. There should be no toilets in the upper part of the kitchen, and the lower part cannot store items that are damp and deteriorate or explode when exposed to water. In the same floor room, the kitchen outlet should be far away from the bathroom, or not In the same direction. The various working areas of the kitchen project, such as main and non-staple food processing rooms and open stalls, sales tables, rough processing rooms, warehouses, cold storage, freight elevators, etc., must have smooth passages and be as close as possible to each other The distance between the location, shorten the transportation distance, and improve work efficiency. For example, the structural area, relatively independent areas should also ensure that there are complete supporting functions. For example, the rough processing room, the picking room, and the cold dish room are arranged together to facilitate transportation and cooperation. Reduce the workload. The kitchen generates a lot of oily smoke, noise, heat, sewage, and garbage. It is a heavily polluted place. The impact on the surrounding environment must be considered. Try to stay away from guest rooms, meeting rooms, private rooms and residential buildings, or adopt effective technology Measures to reduce the impact. For example, a high-end large-scale private room in a high-end hotel is close to the kitchen. Because the walls have no sound insulation measures, the noise of fans and cooking disturbs guests, so they have to stop the kitchen renovation. Eliminating oil fume and supplementing fresh air are indispensable in the kitchen. The kitchen should be located in a location that is convenient for removing oily smoke and ventilation. The influence of the main local monsoon wind direction on the kitchen design should also be considered, and the pollution to the environment should be minimized, especially the kitchen located in the basement. The kitchen project is located in the fire-fighting area, which is convenient for fire-fighting. The restaurant kitchen equipment is easy to cause fire. The relevant regulations stipulate that kitchen equipment with a fire source must be located in the fire-fighting area of u200bu200bthe building, and there are relatively independent The structure is easy to cut off the fire source. There must be enough fire fighting channels and easy to control the fire alarm. Once a fire starts, it is easy to cut off the fire source and extinguish the fire. Kitchen channel design: The channel is to connect each work room with the restaurant, and the flow of people and logistics Necessary facilities. Reducing the number of channels, shortening the length of the channel, cutting the bend and straightening, and using the channel can improve the utilization rate of space and work efficiency. It is the key point in the design of the process hotel. The design of the restaurant and kitchen equipment must be carefully considered.
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