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Is the role of the kitchen hood after catering really that big?

by:Grace     2021-03-28
Smoke collecting hood is an indispensable equipment in the kitchen smoke extraction project. The smoke hood directly determines the effect of kitchen smoke extraction. The clean and bright kitchen cannot be separated from the various functions of the smoke hood. It is these functions that make the kitchen a smoke-free kitchen. , The restaurant becomes a fresh and comfortable place for gatherings; if the hood is not selected, it will bring a series of adverse reactions in a vicious circle. The kitchen will be flooded with oil fume, the kitchen equipment will be full of oily residue, the work efficiency of the chef will be reduced, and the kitchen sanitation environment will deteriorate; It is difficult for diners to have a pleasant dining experience. The gas (smoke) hood is generally processed as a whole, including filtration, oil collection, water collection and other equipment, mostly made by professional companies. Its appearance should be uniform, beautiful and easy to clean. In the kitchen ventilation, a certain amount of fresh air needs to be added. On the one hand, it can balance the air pressure to avoid excessive negative pressure in the kitchen (generally not greater than 5Pa), and on the other hand, it can reduce the temperature in the kitchen. , Improve the working environment. For the collection of cooking oil fume, there are mainly three types of gas collecting (smoke) hoods used: (1) Simple gas collecting hoods without oil baffle and air supply equipment are suitable for various flexible and mobile places, are easy to process and install, and are cheap. However, because there is no air supply equipment, the air collection effect is relatively poor, and it is easy for the oil fume to whirl in front of the kitchen staff, and it is easy to cause the oil droplets to scatter. (2) The air collecting hood with oil baffle and air supply equipment can better collect the oil fume generated during the cooking process, and the oil droplets will not be scattered. As long as the air supply is reasonable, the air quality of the kitchen operator's working surface is good. However, the installation requirements are relatively high and the investment is relatively large. Of course, in addition to traditional fume hoods, an efficient and environmentally friendly water collection fume hood is gradually entering the market. (3) The design principle of the water transport and gas collection fume hood is to form a water curtain cycle, which is compatible with oil fume. After the collision, the purpose of purifying the oil fume is achieved. The key to affecting the use effect of the water-carrying and collecting gas (fume) hood is to form a continuous water curtain, and the circulating water system needs to be cleaned regularly. In fact, due to poor management, most of the water-carrying and gas-collecting (smoke) hoods currently cannot form a continuous water curtain, but only form intermittently flowing water droplets or small water columns, so the use effect is very poor. The advantage of using the water collecting gas (fume) hood is that part of the oil fume can be removed at the gas collecting (fume) hood, which reduces the processing load of the oil fume purification equipment and improves the purification effect of the system. However, if the smoke-passing gap of the water-carrying air-collecting (smoke) hood is narrow, it is easy to cause the smoke exhaust system to be unsmooth. The design of the hood has an important influence on the smoke exhaust system. The unreasonable design of the air collecting hood can easily cause the whole smoke exhaust system to be unsmooth. The factors that cause the fume exhaust system to be unsmooth are: 1) The gap between the oil plates or the water-carrying gas (fume) hood is too small, which is more common; 2) The total cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe opening for collecting oil fume in the fume hood is too small. Cause the overall smoke exhaust is not smooth; 3) The distribution of openings is unreasonable or the openings do not increase with the increase of the distance from the main pipe, which causes local smoke exhaust not to be smooth; 4) Smoke collection on the gas (smoke) hood The cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe pipe is too small, resulting in unsmooth smoke. Foshan Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in commercial kitchen equipment customization, kitchen engineering design, production research and development, kitchen equipment installation, maintenance services, and catering smoke exhaust system design. Provide customers with four major solutions: energy-saving kitchens, environmentally friendly kitchens, safe kitchens, smart kitchens and other one-stop overall solutions. Previous post: Why is the price of kitchen engineering so expensive? Next: Fresh air system for catering and kitchen, without it, the kitchen may not stay for a moment
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