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Is there free double deep fryer sample provided?
It depends on how many samples of double deep fryer you require and whether we have some in stock. If we have some in stock, we can offer one or two samples for free. And if we are out of stock or your required sample needs to be customized, we are afraid that we can not offer the sample free of charge. But the sample fee can be refunded once you place the order. Welcome to contact us!

Grace Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd is always on the road to develop delicate electric fryer. Grace provides a wide range of commercial kitchen products for customers. Strict quality standards have been set in the inspection process, ensuring the high quality of the product. Its dimension can be customized based on different kitchen areas. This product works as a part of the décor or either as a utility. It completes the function and beauty of the space. This product is not prone to tarnish under heavy-uses.

We will always adhere to corporate governance standards that promote integrity, transparency, and accountability to protect and promote the long-term success of our company. Inquire now!
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