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Just what Solar Oven?

by:Grace     2020-06-01
I saw my first solar oven a last year. My first reaction was amazement and general disbelief that a box with attached shiny reflectors could capture enough sunshine to develop a cooking temperature of 350 degrees inside the 19 inch square box and keep it all day long privies shifting its position towards the sun every hour approximately. The person demonstrating the cooking power with the sun actually cooked a five pound chicken with potatoes, onions and carrots in just one . 5 hours. Not only maybe it was the tastiest chicken ever, it was incredibly juicy and succulent! The sun oven captures quick waves of sunlight and turns them into heat energy inside the furnace. The rays of the sun do not dry out the food; in addition, the carbohydrates as food are caramelized, creating an unique taste unlike some other method of barbecuing. The sun oven is air tight the actual moisture cannot escape allowing the food to become dry. The second food I tasted of one's solar oven was fresh baked breads. It was fantastically moist and sweet by way of the carmelization effects and literally melted around my mouth, along the particular soft creamery butter. If I made an effort to describe the chocolate chip cookies, a lot fewer no doubt believe I was exaggerating their rapturous texture and sinful preference! See I told you! You guessed it: my family and i bought one for our motor home, or rather two of them. On Christmas Eve we cooked a six pound chicken with carrots and onions, and in the other oven a pot of rice and corn muffins. Yes, we are hooked. Initially I decided that the solar sun ovens were a practical thing to have, not only to save energy, but we would not to help run the noisy, stinky diesel generator to operate the electric oven mobile the motor home. However, it wasn't long before I realized how fantastic food tastes from sunlight oven over a convection oven. It didn't take me long before I was cooking mealtime except for that midnight snacks or meals on cloudy days. I soon discovered that almost all sun ovens are actually used by home proprietors to save on energy bills. In addition, their popularity is due to convenience under the food tastes healthier. Food will never burn scorch or older cook in a solar sun oven. This coming summer people heat up their houses when they cook and bake inside their conventional electric or gas ovens. They then expend additional energy to cool down the the house back down with heating and air conditioning. With the sun oven have to place it on a patio table, pop in the food in, adjust its position with the sun once or twice, the majority of magic, it's meal your time. Prices of solar ovens range from $250 to $400 without the pain . average sun oven spending money itself through energy savings before the warranty comes to an end. Beside the obvious benefits of sun oven cooking, there one more side benefit: the oven is a rudimentary stand-by survival appliance in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. You will be prepared through alternative, energy-free means of cooking your everyday meals without needing charcoal, kerosene or propane, all that can become scarce in the disaster. Give a solar oven a try; you will doubtless be glad you had.
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