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LG's 2010 LED TV Range

by:Grace     2020-06-18
LED TVs 1st arrived to the mainstream products in 2009, LED tvs are LCD TVs that use LEDs the backlight as opposed to CCFl pipes. In 2009 Samsung had the largest range availble with other manufacturers having only several version availble, but that the majority of looks set to change for yr. LG's 2010 range could have a staggering 28 new LED Televisions launched across 8 different ranges. With something for everyone, from top for the range 55 inch Infinia LE9500 local dimming LED-slim, 400HZ 3D ready LED TV with wireless technology, all during down towards the LE5300 series which brings LED backlighting technology to smaller class LCD televisions. To provide cutting edge picture quality on its new ranges LG end up being using 2 new LED Technologies, 'Full LED Slim' which melts away to 240 local dimming LED segments (LG 55LX9900 model) to provide deeper black levels and uniform picture quality, along with a bezel thickness of just 8.5mm which is a thinness only seen before on Edge-lit sets. 'LED Plus' is the second technology, incorporated in the middle ranges (LE7500 and LE5900) LED Plus adds a more basic 16 segment local dimming backlight, which still offers improved display quality and reduced energy consumption at a more competitive worth. The flagship series is the INFINIA LX9900 models that are set to be presented in 47 inch and 55 inch version, will include LG's Full LED Slim backlight technology and be 3D ready, with an extraordinary 400Hz refresh rates and broadband ready capabilities it's no surprise that developed awarded a 'Best Of Innovation' award at CES 2010. There may well be new models smaller screen sizes than the real estate sector before, without the pain . slim LED backlight versions being easily obtainable in 19', 22', 26' versions, although just about all models get full 1080p. With most other manufacturers releasing new ranges of LED Televisions, 2010 looks set to be the year they become the norm. For more information, articles about LG LED Televisions, or to match LG's LED tvs with manufacturers visit - Your source for an unbiased price comparison for LED TVs.
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