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New features of modern dining kitchens

by:Grace     2021-03-12
New features of modern catering kitchens With the rapid development of social progress and science and technology, a large number of new technical concepts have been used in the kitchen, and the kitchen has undergone renewal changes, mainly reflecting the following aspects: (1) The catering kitchen equipment and technology are comprehensive The cumbersome manual labor of updating is replaced by advanced machinery. The one-key operation of heat preservation, refrigeration, steaming, roasting, frying, and smart kitchen equipment brings great convenience to the kitchen. (2) Clean energy enters the kitchen. Traditional coal burning, wood burning and cooking are replaced by oil, gas, electricity and other energy sources. It is easy to clean and easy to control for ignition, heat and time. (3) Auxiliary system technology is becoming more and more perfect. Various technologically advanced auxiliary systems enter the kitchen, and exhaust ventilation, air conditioning, fire protection, and communication technology systems enter the kitchen, which greatly improves the environment and technology of the kitchen. (4) Continuous improvement of scale and grade The catering industry has developed rapidly, with high-end hotels and restaurants emerging, and various cuisines have been fully displayed. The scale of the kitchen is expanded, the layout is detailed, the equipment is improved, and the functions are constantly innovated, such as open kitchens, independent and open kitchens. (5) Continuous improvement of business philosophy and management model Adapting to the development of the market, absorbing advanced domestic and foreign experience, continuously innovating business philosophy, business model and management model. (6) Entering the era of food safety management system In recent years, the increasing number of food poisoning incidents at home and abroad have greatly stimulated consumers' awareness of food hygiene and expectations of reshaping economic order and strictly regulating the business behavior of catering companies. The strong expectation of consumers is the trend of the market, which has become the main driving force for the catering industry to improve kitchen construction. The above content is the 'new features of modern catering kitchen' analyzed for everyone. If you want to make a catering kitchen, you can call the consultation phone: 0755-89306885 Next: Commercial kitchen smoke exhaust system design instructions Previous: Western kitchen equipment features
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