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The basic principles of chain catering kitchen equipment procurement (one minute)

by:Grace     2021-03-20
The purchase of chain catering and kitchen equipment is a headache for many new investors. They spend high prices on purchases and are afraid of being scammed; finding cheap ones but fearing that the quality will not work, always have a few heads. Foshan Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. gives customers The feeling is to be practical and truly achieve what you pay for. Of course, we cannot serve all investors. The market is too big. The company now mainly manufactures chain catering kitchen equipment, and cooperates with catering companies. Long-term cooperation knows the basics and saves a lot of things. So how do investors who have just entered the industry purchase kitchen equipment? What are the important things to pay attention to when purchasing kitchen equipment? What can not be missing... Just remember the following basic principles, you will not be fooled. 1. The surface of fire-resistant kitchen equipment should have fire-resistant capability. The surface materials of kitchen equipment produced by regular kitchen equipment manufacturers are all made of non-combustible and flame-retardant materials. 2. Hygienic kitchen equipment must have the ability to resist pollution, especially the function of preventing cockroaches, mice, ants, etc. from contaminating food, in order to ensure the internal quality of the entire kitchen equipment. 3. Beautiful kitchen equipment not only requires pleasing shape and color, but also has durability, so it requires easy anti-pollution and good cleaning performance. Fourth, to facilitate the operation in the kitchen, there must be a reasonable process. In the design of kitchen equipment, the arrangement of various parts can be designed according to the correct process, which is very important for the convenience of future use. In addition, the height of the stove and the position of the wall cabinet directly affect the convenience of use. It is necessary to choose kitchen equipment that conforms to the ergonomic principles and kitchen operating procedures. Foshan Kitchenware Factory mainly produces kitchen equipment【】Commercial kitchen equipment, chain catering kitchen equipment, hotel kitchen equipment, undertake kitchenware engineering, kitchen engineering, kitchenware customization, kitchenware maintenance, kitchen design, etc. It is a high-quality enterprise in Foshan kitchenware factory. Previous: A brief introduction to the installation and construction of commercial kitchen equipment Next: How should the commercial kitchen equipment produced by Foshan Kitchenware Factory be priced in the market
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