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The benefits of commercial kitchen design

by:Grace     2021-03-19
The soul of a large commercial catering lies in the design and installation of the kitchen. With the rapid development of the catering industry, most people quickly discovered that the kitchen had become the source of restrictions and was forced to suspend business for renovation. The reason lies in the lack of understanding and planning of commercial kitchen design, and the structure of the kitchen cannot keep up with the development of the store itself. In fact, a quality-guaranteed commercial kitchen design is very important to the long-term development of the hotel! Let me talk to you about the importance of commercial kitchen design: 1. Commercial kitchen design can make better use of hotel construction investment funds. Reasonably use the site, facilitate the arrangement of auxiliary equipment, effectively reduce construction costs, and use clear layout in the early stage. The planning facilitates the long-term development of the hotel. 2. Guarantee hotel work efficiency and meal quality. The design process of commercial kitchen is reasonable, the coordination of various work types is convenient, the equipment is advanced and easy to use, and the chef is handy, which saves labor and speeds up the meal. On the contrary, there are many partitions in the kitchen and inconvenient collaboration, which affects the speed and quality of dishes. 3. Commercial kitchen design affects hotel management level In order to improve operating efficiency, managers generally attach great importance to back kitchen operations, establish a series of rules and regulations, and strengthen system supervision, but ignore the impact of commercial kitchen design on back kitchen management. For example, if a large and medium-sized hotel adopts the correct commercial kitchen design, its back kitchen equipment resources, technical resources, and logistics resources are centrally managed and deployed in a unified manner, which will reduce repeated settings to a large extent. 4. Commercial kitchen design affects the external image of the hotel. A catering kitchen is directly proportional to its external grade. Some catering shops are high-end and magnificent, but the back kitchen is messy and can’t bear to look directly at it. The reason is It is the unreasonable design of commercial kitchens, and some kitchen fumes, noise, and heat will enter the outer hall, which undoubtedly reduces the image of the restaurant. The effect of commercial kitchen design directly affects the direct investment cost, operating cost, kitchen efficiency and efficiency of the catering industry. The meal quality and management level even affect the hotel’s external image and operating efficiency. Therefore, when choosing a commercial kitchen design, operators need to review and choose the best. An excellent commercial house design company is really important. It can make the kitchen backstage improve work efficiency, clean and hygienic, and work coordination is convenient, and there is a lot less Worry about! In this era of rapid development, only by striving for perfection and taking a long-term perspective will it not be eliminated by it and stand among the best in the industry! Previous:Commercial kitchen utensils—the rule of choosing electric baking pan Next:What are the key points to pay attention to when designing canteen kitchens?
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