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The design process of restaurant kitchen equipment, so the design is reliable!

by:Grace     2021-03-19
The design of restaurant kitchen design should consider the following processes: 1 Understand the established dishes of the customer’s kitchen, and use this as the center to strictly follow the principle of separating raw and cooked food to ensure food hygiene. 2 The ratio of the total area of u200bu200bthe kitchen to the total area of u200bu200bthe restaurant is 12% to 23%. It is more economical and reasonable. It is not suitable for the kitchen area to be too small or too large. Congestion or excessively long transportation lines cause waste. 3 The location of the kitchen is close to the main restaurant, and all wastes discharged from the kitchen, such as oil fume, waste water, garbage, etc., must not affect other parts of the hotel. 4 Shorten the transportation process as much as possible, make the path clear, improve the air extraction system in the kitchen, maintain air circulation and no sultry feeling, and meet the kitchen's requirements for fire protection, sanitation, and environmental protection. 5 Use non-moisture-absorbing and non-slip porcelain floor tiles on the kitchen floor. Drainage ditch should be set up on the side of the stove, and slag screens should be covered on the drainage ditch to facilitate scouring, cleaning and disposal of waste materials. 6 The kitchen area of u200bu200ba restaurant with conditions should build a dedicated toilet for employees and isolate it from the outside world. 7 In addition to a sufficient number of sinks in the processing part of the kitchen, a number of special hand-washing sinks must be set up on the production line. The location of the dishwashing room should be close to the dining room and kitchen to facilitate the delivery of dirty tableware and kitchen utensils. 8 The stove must have a water source, and install a faucet for easy operation and cleaning. The stove uses gas as fuel. In addition to the hose used at the interface, the gas source and the stove must be connected by a hard pipe. The gas source must be fireproof and explosion-proof. 9 The direction of the sewage discharge ditch should be straight, and the bottom of the ditch should be high in the direction of the outlet and low in the outside to facilitate the natural discharge of sewage. 10 When designing the kitchen outlet, it should be noted that the doorway is not right at the front entrance of the bathroom, restaurant, and bar. 11 The design should have a dedicated kitchen garbage cleaning room and a dedicated passage to ensure the sanitation of the entire kitchen. Previous post: It is difficult for restaurants to develop very difficult for restaurants to develop largely because of the kitchen, so do you have a good plan? Next post: The difficulty of restaurant development is largely due to the kitchen, so have you planned well?
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