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The difference between school kitchen equipment engineering and social catering kitchen equipment engineering design

by:Grace     2021-03-21
The design and installation of school kitchen equipment engineering is more rigorous than other kitchen equipment engineering design and installation, and the various zoning areas are more stringent. For example, the washing room in the social catering kitchen equipment engineering design is the combination of dishwashing and disinfection functions. Samsung A disinfection cabinet can be installed on the opposite side of the sink to meet the demand. Even such a disinfection cabinet does not have actual functions, but is just a display to meet the inspection of relevant departments. The design of the school kitchen equipment project cannot be so sloppy. The dishwashing room is a washing room, and the disinfection room is a disinfection room. It needs to be clearly distinguished, and the disinfection equipment has practical use value. The design area for rough processing in the kitchen equipment engineering design of social catering is very vague and confusing. Some do not even have so-called rough processing. Just place a double-star sink at will, and this double-star sink needs With the addition of the dishwashing function, this will bury a lot of hidden dangers to the kitchen's health and safety. The design of the school kitchen equipment engineering is different. First of all, the kitchen area is set according to the number of people dining in the relevant regulations. Rough processing is rough processing, the washing area is the dish washing area, and the disinfection area is the disinfection area. The rough processing includes fish rough processing and vegetable rough processing. This distinction is particularly vivid in school kitchen equipment engineering. Why is there such a big difference? First of all, social catering is profitable, and the rent in the prosperous area is expensive. I hope to maximize the dining space. The sacrifice is the kitchen. The kitchen is constantly concentrated, and every usable corner is If you need it, save what you can save, and try to increase the number of seats. As a result, the area ratio of the kitchen and dining room has been opened. School kitchen equipment engineering is different. School kitchens are not profitable, but an environment for students to eat safely. Therefore, safety is a major consideration in the design of school kitchen equipment engineering. Hygiene and fire safety must be considered in the design. After all safety measures are taken into consideration, only kitchens designed under these basic rigid requirements are qualified kitchens. Previous: How to design a hotel kitchen preparation room Next: What are the hotel kitchen equipment and service items (1, 2 stars)
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