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The hotel kitchen equipment common problems and processing

by:Grace     2020-11-10
Is a hotel kitchen equipment unit and complex project, which need to take into account all aspects of the safe, harmonious and beautiful at the same time, a professional must therefore be to professional kitchen equipment. Hotel kitchen equipment device relationship with subsequent use safety and convenient or not, so there are some considerations and device when in front of the device operating standards must be caused take seriously. Hotel kitchen equipment FAQ hotel kitchen equipment and processing method of the most concern is the quality defect is not strong enough for linking to the base, uneven device, make the space between the hotel kitchen equipment and pipeline is too big. At the bottom of the connection is not strong, primary cause is an ill-chosen cohesion. If the bottom is wood and gypsum board, wood screw were selected as the linking piece. If the base material is cement, use the swell bolt or plastic swell pin. When the bottom is a brick wall, should use plastic swell or embedded wood brick. Hotel kitchen equipment is not stable: besides the uneven, first reason is at the bottom of the kitchen utensils and appliances knob adjustment. Kitchen equipment manufacturer prompt kitchenware device should be installed after the floor is in the kitchen, the device should be adjust knob, to ensure that the level of the cabinet can be fixed. And pipe connection is too large: the primary reason is when the device measurement is not accurate. When installation, must measure first, then rebound line inside the cabinet put oneself in another's position, and then verify the size and location.
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