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The key points of commercial kitchen safety management

by:Grace     2021-03-28
1. The gas and oil pipelines and valves in the kitchen must be checked regularly to prevent leakage. If a gas or oil leak is found, the valve should be closed first, ventilation should be done in time, and it is strictly forbidden to use any open flame and start the power switch. 2. The gas cylinders in the kitchen should be managed together, and there should be enough distance from high temperature surfaces such as lamps or open flames to prevent the gas cylinders from exploding at high temperature, causing flammable gas leakage and causing fires. Stoves in the kitchen should be installed on non-combustible materials with sufficient distance from combustibles to prevent burning combustibles. 3. When frying food, the oil in the pan should not exceed two-thirds of the pan, and attention should be paid to prevent water droplets and sundries from falling into the pan, causing the cooking oil to overflow and catch fire. At the same time, warm fire should be used when heating the oil pan. Excessive fire prevention and high oil temperature may cause the oil pan to catch fire. 4. The walls and fume hoods near the kitchen stove should be cleaned every day, and the fume pipes should be cleaned at least once every six months. 5. The electrical facilities in the kitchen should be laid in strict accordance with the national technical specifications, and the phenomenon of'substituting aluminum for copper' is strictly prohibited. The electrical wiring in the kitchen should be laid in light or dark with insulated conductors and hard PVC plastic pipes or steel pipes. When the nozzles and pipes are connected to the pipes, and the pipes are connected with other accessories, corresponding fire prevention measures should be taken, or the porcelain bottle open wires should be used. The lead wire and plastic sheath wire are laid out. Electrical switches, sockets and other electrical equipment used in the kitchen are preferably enclosed to prevent water from infiltrating from the outside, and should be installed away from gas and liquefied gas stoves to avoid sparks caused by leakage of gas and liquefied gas when they are turned on combustion. The various mechanical equipment operating in the kitchen shall not be overloaded with electricity, and care should be taken to prevent the electrical equipment and lines from getting wet during use. 6. All kinds of cooking utensils used in the kitchen should be selected products that have passed the inspection of the national quality inspection department, and should not choose unqualified utensils for cheap. At the same time, these appliances should be operated in strict accordance with regulations to prevent accidents. 7. Fire blankets should be provided in the kitchen to extinguish various oil pan fires. In addition, a certain amount of ABC dry powder fire extinguishers should be equipped in the kitchen, and they should be placed in obvious places for emergency needs. 8. The operator should close all gas and fuel valves in time and cut off the gas and fire sources before leaving. 9. Notify the Security Department to do fire safety inspections before the market closes every day. 10. Strictly abide by the hotel fire safety management regulations. Kitchen staff must operate stoves and other equipment in accordance with operating procedures. 11. Responsible for managing dangerous goods warehouse in accordance with hotel safety management regulations. 12. All kinds of equipment work within the specified working parameters, and brutal operation is strictly prohibited. 13. If the department is not responsible for an accident within one year, the hotel should give rewards based on the actual situation. The details that should be paid attention to when purchasing hotel kitchen equipment: Hinge: In the process of frequent opening and closing of cabinet doors, the hinge is the most tested. It must not only connect the cabinet and the door panel accurately, but also bear the weight of the door panel alone, and must maintain the consistency of the door arrangement, otherwise after a period of time, it may be closed forward and backward, and the shoulders will fall off. If there is no pair The'reinforced iron bone' and perfect flexibility make it difficult to shoulder this important task. Slide rail: Drawer is an indispensable part of kitchen equipment, and in the design of the entire drawer, the most important accessory is the slide rail. Due to the special environment of the kitchen, even if the low-quality slide rail feels good in the short term, it will take longer. You will find it difficult to push and pull. Water basin: Most common water basins are made of stainless steel, artificial stone, ceramics, and stone products. If the style of the kitchen is more fashionable and avant-garde, stainless steel basin is more suitable. This choice is not only due to the metallic texture of stainless steel, but also a modern flavor. More importantly, stainless steel is easy to clean and light in weight. It also has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and moisture resistance, which is in line with modern people’s lives. Quality requirements. There are two common styles of water basins, one is single basin and the other is double basin. In modern kitchens, due to the renewal of design concepts and technologies, the shape of the basin is constantly changing, such as round single basin, round double basin, large and small double basin, special-shaped double basin and other styles emerge in endlessly. Faucet: The faucet can be said to be the most intimate part of the kitchen, but its quality is often overlooked when purchasing. Facts have proved that the faucet is the most problematic place in the kitchen. It will be very troublesome if you use low-cost inferior faucets and leaks. The design of the faucet can provide designers with a larger space to display their talents. Design elements such as lines, colors and shapes can burst out many exciting design inspirations, which show the brilliance of aesthetics and art. At the same time, high-quality faucets are technological. Incarnation, the requirements for craftsmanship are extremely high. Pull basket: Pull basket can provide larger storage space, and can divide the space reasonably with partition baskets, so that all kinds of articles and utensils have their own places. According to different uses, pull baskets can be divided into stove pull baskets, three-sided pull baskets, drawer pull baskets, ultra-narrow pull baskets, deep pull baskets, corner pull baskets, etc. Other hardware includes baseboards, folding doors, etc. When choosing kitchen cabinets, apart from the overall grasp of the cabinets, we must not turn a blind eye to these small elements. When choosing to buy, we should pay attention to the brand and quality of the hardware. Previous post: What are the matters needing attention in the engineering design of the factory staff canteen kitchen? Next:Maintenance of commercial kitchen equipment commonly used in Chinese restaurants
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