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The right way to Keep Households With AGA's Cool

by:Grace     2020-06-23
One of the typical issues that arise with owning an AGA cooker is the excess heat that it can produce in the summer months making the kitchen assaulted house too warm. The gentle ambient heat the it emits is for the vast majority of the entire year crucial in helping aid our kitchens and houses warm during the long winter months. We all love sitting close to your cooker on those cold winter days reading a magazine or socialising with friends. However, this warmth can in the summertime make the kitchen unbearably hot with many households leaving doors and windows open just to sustain temperature in the house down. With energy prices rising all the time this is a complete waste of fuel and of course money. There are however ways around this difficult task. One of the most famous solutions is to simply turn it off for 2-3 months during the summer months and use another way of cooking. This can be inconvenient as finding another tool that can cook for a number of folks can be difficult that comeswith will not give identical cooking experience as an AGA. Buying another cooking source also involves additional cost. However, with the cooker off at least the household is not wasting fuel and the kitchen is cooler. Another very popular alternative is to purchase a module when buying the cooker. The module could be attached to any post 1974 model. The module is powered separately into the AGA so can stay off when the cooker is on and then in the summer when the AGA is turned off module can be used instead. The module can be turned on and off in the same way as a conventional range. The ovens are electric and the owner has the choice of either having gas hobs (natural gas or LPG) or electric ceramic hobs. The module can also be used as an extra 2 ovens which is convenient when cooking for a large number of people for example at Christmas time. The third option is to buy an AGA with AIMS (Aga Intelligent Management System) or have AIMS retrofitted to an existing heater. Unfortunately, some models cannot have AIMS fitted, these include oil fired models, any gas AGA with a balanced flue and the night holding. AIMS allows the cooker to be programmed so that rather than being at full temperature all the time it is only at full temperature for several periods of the day and the rest electrical power runs at a lower temperature. Usually the AGA would be programmed to be at full temperature several weeks needed for cooking so the rest of the time the temperature would disappear from emitting less heat to your room. The ability to programme the AGA using AIMS allows you to programme the cooker to fit your very own lifestyle. AIMS can reduce your running costs by up to 25%.It can be overridden at any time if you decide to need the AGA at full temperature again switch it back to manual and it will be up to temperature again in a single.
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