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The smoke exhaust system of catering kitchen equipment should be cleaned regularly and regularly

by:Grace     2021-03-18
One of the reasons for fires in the catering industry’s kitchens is that the kitchens are not cleaned regularly, causing oily smoke to accumulate in the aisles. When there is an ignition type, it is easy to cause a fire. So kitchen cleaning is very important. The oil fume accumulated in the smoke exhaust equipment in the kitchen equipment should be cleaned up in time, especially the smoke collecting pipe above the fume hood. The oil inside should be shoveled up with oil before spraying cleaning agents. Kitchen range hood cleaning requires removing the lid or crawling through the kitchen fume pipe to remove the accumulated oil; the fume purifier needs to take out the filter element and put it in a container to soak it with medicine. Previous post: No more! Next: The kitchen needs regular cleaning, maintenance and maintenance
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