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What are the commonly used kitchen equipment in restaurants?

by:Grace     2021-03-05
What are the commonly used kitchen equipment in restaurants? Bakery: about 365,000 dough mixers, fillet machines, four-door high refrigerators, flour carts, pastry machines, electric ovens, ice buckets, etc.;    Refrigeration/cold storage: refrigerated trays, refrigerated doors, refrigerated compressor units, indoor air coolers, etc. 36,000  Meat processing room: vertical meat grinder, vertical slicer, vertical sawing machine, washing faucet, single star basin, grease trap, wheeled trash can, etc., about 124,000;    bathroom: about 71,000 cabinets, High temperature disinfection cabinet, single star dirty dish table, dishwasher, dishwasher softener, dishwasher, exhaust hood, etc.   Pre-entry room, cold room: about 50,000 induction faucets, cabinets, double star pools, mixing faucets, grease traps, 4 tall refrigerators, single-opening adjustment cabinets, 4 toasters, etc.   Due to limited space, the functional area and equipment list will introduce you so much. Let's take a look at how the design of the functional area and equipment is better, so that we can have more foundation when choosing.   2. The second step. Hotel restaurant kitchen equipment and functional area design    1. Equipment design    The designed equipment can not only meet the production and production of dishes, but also can use convenient, safe, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment. This equipment is very good equipment. 2. Functional area design In addition to the kitchen equipment that needs to be designed, the functional area of u200bu200bthe restaurant kitchen is also designed according to the use process of the kitchen, such as the separation of meat and fruit and vegetable processing areas; the toilet must be no less than 4 swimming pools or dishwashers , There must be a disinfection cabinet; the smoke exhaust device must be equipped with a fume purifier, and the cold dish must have a second changing room with at least 3 pools.   This kind of overall layout design and functional area design needs to be adapted to local conditions and change according to the needs of the hotel. Previous post: What are the reasons for the price fluctuation of kitchen equipment? Next: The latest hotel kitchen management system in 2019
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