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What are the necessary equipment for the kitchen?

by:Grace     2021-03-17
In the cooking device, the gas or liquefied gas is a natural gas stove, which is characterized by a common product, double-end stove, double-end stove, single-end single-end frying cookware, single-end and double-end lower Soup kitchen, single-door, double-door three steaming cabinets, etc., as well as smoke exhaust equipment, this is the kitchen for food hygiene and health care personnel. The exhaust system is also equipped with luxury range hoods and common equipment. Every basic kitchen facility must , Water hoods, oil fume purifiers, fans and other equipment, as well as adjustment equipment, this number is relatively large, there are many names, more importantly, racks, vegetables can be used, vegetables, rice, etc., are used to make * Stage, rice rack, dish rack layer 3-5, surface, sink and other equipment are stainless steel products, and the type of equipment. Previous: Commercial kitchen installation requirements Next: Hotel business kitchen design
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