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What are the taboos for using catering and kitchen equipment?

by:Grace     2021-03-19
The green restaurant kitchen equipment project is not only a product, but also an environmental protection concept that grasps future trends, and advocates the use of more environmentally friendly, healthy, efficient and safe kitchen equipment that meets green standards in various commercial kitchen projects. So what are the taboos for the use of kitchen equipment? 1. The stove should not be set directly under the window. The window facing the stove is not hygienic. The dust and bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye will enter the food being cooked, and long-term consumption will affect your health. 2. Avoid dark and damp kitchen equipment. A dark and humid environment is prone to breed a large number of bacteria, these bacteria enter the cooked dishes, long-term consumption is easy to get sick. 3. For kitchen equipment, avoid using ebony wood or odorous wood as cutting boards. Ebony wood contains peculiar smell and toxic substances. Using it as a cutting board not only contaminates food, but also easily causes vomiting, dizziness, and abdominal pain. Therefore, the wood used to make chopping boards in the private sector is ginkgo, saponin, birch, and willow. Commercial chopping boards are recommended to use plastic chopping boards made of linear low-density polyethylene. 4. Avoid cooking mung beans in iron pots in kitchen equipment. Because mung bean contains elemental tannins, it will turn into black tannin iron when it encounters iron under high temperature conditions, which makes mung bean soup black and has a special smell, which not only affects appetite and taste, but is also harmful to human body. 5. Avoid stainless steel or iron pot boiling Chinese medicine for kitchen equipment. Because traditional Chinese medicine contains a variety of alkaloids and various biochemical substances, under heating conditions, it will have a variety of chemical reactions with stainless steel or iron, which will make the medicine ineffective and even produce certain toxicity. The above are the 5 taboos for the use of kitchen equipment in restaurants. I hope to help you solve your questions. Foshan Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in tailoring green, efficient and safe equipment for the kitchen. If you want to know more, welcome to inquire, and we will serve you wholeheartedly! Previous post: What are the taboos for using catering and kitchen equipment? Next post: How can the central kitchen of the kitchen equipment of chain catering companies achieve rapid profitability?
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