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What is the kitchen equipment of a Chinese restaurant?

by:Grace     2021-03-21
What is the kitchen equipment of a Chinese restaurant?  Restaurant kitchen equipment  1. Storage equipment includes food storage and utensil storage.  As a real Chinese, we should all know what the main cuisines of Chinese cuisine are, but if we ask about the kitchen equipment of Chinese cuisine, it is estimated that few people know today’s author series to popularize everyone. The central kitchen is divided into main food room, auxiliary food room, main business room, shoddy processing room, and washing room.   1. Storage equipment    includes two categories: food storage and tableware storage. 1. Food storage can be divided into two categories: refrigerated and non-refrigerated. Refrigeration equipment mainly refers to refrigeration and fresh-keeping equipment in kitchens and cold storages.  2, tableware storage equipment is used to place tableware, cooking utensils and tableware space. Mainly include base cabinets, hanging cabinets, corner cabinets, multifunctional decorative cabinets, etc. ..  Self-service restaurant kitchen engineering design 2. Washing equipment includes hot and cold water supply systems, drainage equipment, washbasins, washing cabinets, etc. The garbage generated after cleaning in the kitchen operation should be set up with trash cans or sanitary buckets, disinfection cabinets, and food waste crushing Machine and other equipment.   Three, conditioning equipment     Four, cooking equipment     mainly include stoves, stoves and related tools and cooking utensils. Mainly include gas stove, oil stove, steam oven, electric stove, oven, alcohol stove, charcoal stove and so on.   5. Dining utensils    mainly includes restaurant furniture, dining utensils, etc. 6. Kitchen machinery and equipment: dishwasher, dishwasher, dumpling machine, peeling machine, noodle pressing machine, flour machine, dumpling meat machine, meat knife, sawmill, rice washing machine, flour machine, juicer, mixer, soy milk machine.   Seven, kitchen smoke exhaust equipment     range hoods, exhaust pipes, smoke exhaust equipment, etc.     eight, kitchen appliances   nine, kitchen cabinets     stainless steel cabinets, stainless steel countertops, flat panels and accessories. Previous: Commercial kitchen equipment selection of stainless steel Next: Large-scale hot pot restaurant kitchen equipment layout plan
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