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What kitchen equipment is required for restaurant kitchen projects?

by:Grace     2021-03-20
The kitchen is the focus of a restaurant, and the design and installation of the restaurant kitchen equipment must be extraordinarily delicate. In order to make the best use of restaurant kitchen equipment, we also need the greatest possible frugal cost. Today, Foshan will bring all the masters to understand the kitchen equipment needed for the restaurant kitchen project? Restaurant kitchen project 1, restaurant kitchen project cleaning equipment The restaurant kitchen cleaning equipment includes cold water supply system, drainage equipment, and dishwasher , Fruit and vegetable washing machines, disinfecting cupboards, washing tanks, washing dishes, preservation cabinets, etc., food waste traps and other equipment. 2. Arrangement equipment of restaurant kitchen engineering The arrangement equipment of restaurant kitchen mainly includes cabinets and countertops, special things and containers for rectification, cutting, ingredients, distribution, storage racks, catering carts, spice boxes, spice boxes, spice racks, Kitchen racks and so on. 3. Storage equipment for restaurant kitchen projects. The storage equipment for restaurant kitchens is divided into two types: utensil storage and food storage. The storage of utensils is a space for kitchen utensils, kitchen utensils, containers, etc. to accumulate. Food storage is divided into two categories: freezing and non-cold storage. Freezing is protected in accordance with the refrigeration equipment and freezer storage in the kitchen. The storage of supplies is carried out in accordance with various types of base cabinets, wall cabinets, corner cabinets, and smart decorative cabinets. Restaurant kitchen engineering 4. Cooking equipment for restaurant kitchen engineering The cooking supplies of restaurant kitchens mainly include commercial gas stoves, commercial gas stoves, commercial electromagnetic stoves, rice steaming cabinets, soup stoves, clay pots, steamers, microwave ovens, ovens, Automatic wok and so on. In order to ensure the natural ventilation of the kitchen, the restaurant kitchen must establish exhaust ducts, ventilation and smoke exhaust equipment, etc. 5. Lighting equipment for restaurant kitchen projects. The lighting equipment for restaurant kitchens must be reasonably structured, and the lighting design of all kitchens must be smooth and clean. The lighting of kitchen stoves, cleaning pools, and counters should not be ignored, and convenient power switch devices should be established. The above is what kitchen equipment is needed for the restaurant kitchen project? If you are interested, you might as well take a look at our kitchen equipment or the kitchen project done by our company. Next: The preparatory and design process of the kitchen project. Previous: What are the installation methods for stainless steel sinks?
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