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Any further technical information about Grace?
Grace Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd uses advanced technology to produce Grace. Advanced modern technology means finer operations on machines and more efficient assembly lines, all of which contribute to the production of the highest quality products. We have many years of experience in producing professional engineers.

Supported by our trustworthy customers, Grace has gained more reputation in electric fryer market. Grace provides a wide range of cooking range for customers. What distinguishes the product from others is the reliable quality, stable performance, and long service life. This product features a seamless fit for any style of the commercial kitchen. As one of the live load elements, this product is a necessity and rather the most crucial part of designing an interior space. This product has the advantage of excellent scratch resistance.

We strive to provide quality customer service. Our sales department will give affirmative and fast response, while the logistics department will organize and track all shipments, and give prompt response to the inquiry. Ask!
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