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Commercial Kitchen Equipment & Kitchen Supplies in China

Why do hotels, restaurants, fast food chains, hospitals, cafeterias, and other commercial establishments turn to Grace when they need commercial kitchen equipment in China?

Maybe it is because of our proven experience in the manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of kitchen equipments for many years.  For decades, the GRACE name has been a symbol of quality. We have helped countless businesses get the kitchen equipment they need. Quality craftsmanship has been the hallmark of our company since its beginning, and businesses all across the kitchen equipment field know they can trust us to exceed their expectations.


Speaking of manufacturing quality for restaurants kitchen equipment, we bring the best engineering into your kitchen with a rare combination of technological mastery and uncommon elegance. Whether it’s a preparation table, oven, cabinets, or any other commercial kitchen equipment, you can be sure that you will always get the very best from Grace. That’s because every product we manufacture is the result of many years of research and development.  Furthermore, our rigorous in-house quality standards mean that every nut and bolt is double-checked to ensure your kitchen equipment is the best it can be.


Of course, other customers love us because of the level of customer service we provide. We pride ourselves on providing truly personal service. We take the time to really listen to your needs and develop imaginative solutions that turn your dream kitchen into a reality. There’s no challenge too big for us to handle. We listen, learn, assess, refine, and tailor each product to suit your specific needs, and we deliver results above and beyond your expectations, always with a smile.


Don’t forget about our excellent value when it comes to commercial kitchen equipment and hotel kitchen equipments in China, you will not get a better value from anyone else. Our dynamic, flexible, and efficient products all come at the best value in the industry. Simply put, you won’t find lower prices on commercial kitchen equipment in China of this level of quality.


Our kitchen equipment is used by some of the world’s famous restaurants, hotels, fast food chains, and other commercial establishments. We’re the manufacturer trusted by the biggest brands in the business, and we can help build the commercial or industrial kitchen that you need.


Did you know whom top restaurants, hotels and caterers approach when they want industry-standard hotel kitchen equipment and restaurant kitchen equipment?

They approach us at Grace, because they’re aware of our superior, proven experience in manufacturing kitchen equipments to global standards. 

They know that when they want unparalleled quality and the best of craftsmanship, nothing beats our kitchen equipment.


Grace offers total kitchen solutions for caterers. When you need to purchase kitchen catering equipment from China, trust the company that has been offering kitchen expertise since 2006.

With an extensive range of industrial catering equipment custom manufactured to fit your unique needs, Grace offers you the very best in design, quality, and service.

Elegant designs—Ovens, prep tables, salad bars, grills…you name it, we make it.

Grace has been manufacturing restaurant catering equipment in Dubai for decades. Every product that we manufacture is based on years of extensive research and testing. Your catering equipment will be custom designed with your specific needs in mind. Our mission is to create innovative, value-driven solutions to your biggest challenges.

Uncompromising quality—   Quality is a full time commitment at Grace.

The pursuit of unmatched quality drives us every day.

We are constantly striving to find innovative ways to improve our products, so that you can get the best catering equipment in South China and the world over. Not only do our products meet and exceed the widely accepted standards in our industry, but they also undergo our rigorous quality testing with sharp attention to every detail, ensuring you get the best products on the market today.

Personal service—You will always receive friendly personal service from Grace.

We take the time to get to know each customer. We listen to your needs, come up with creative solutions, and execute them flawlessly by tailoring each product to suit your individual requirements. Your satisfaction is always our top goal. The expertise allows Grace to provide a service that covers everything from A to Z, thereby enabling its customers to do what they do best, run their businesses, without any worries or distractions.


Ready to find out how Grace can help provide the catering equipment you need?

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