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Article 14 the requirements of gas cookers use of kitchen equipment

by:Grace     2020-11-02
1, the installation of kitchen burning gas safely home clear height shall not be less than 2. 2 mm, and should have good ventilation; 2, preparation should be equipped with portable dry powder fire extinguishers, fire equipment such as fire blanket; 3, kitchen is provided with combustible or difficult to adopt effective fire between the wall of the combustion heat insulation measures; 4, the kitchen stove surface edge and the oven wall is apart from the wooden furniture should not be less than zero. 2m; 5, between kitchen and kitchen is provided, and the wall between should meet the requirements of operation and maintenance; 6, a giant cookstoves, and Chinese food cooking stove should have smoke facilities, large cookstoves furnace and flue must set detonation score; 7, the kitchen smoke exhaust facility shall not be used with solid fuel equipment share a set of exhaust facility, each appropriate USES separate flue gas equipment. When multiple devices share a total flue, should guarantee the smoke when each other; 8, flue away from fire or burning of ceiling or wall close should not be less than zero. 05m; Away from flammable ceiling and wall should not be less than zero. 25米; 9, the user chooses cookers, pressure regulator should have the production license, the evaporator should be by a corresponding level of pressure vessel manufacturing license of the products of the manufacturers, and products are approved by the quality department of special equipment inspection testing institutions supervision and inspection; 10, kitchen is provided between the cylinder and close should not be less than zero. 5m; 11, kitchen is provided with a cylinder should adopt single bottle of single focal connection between the two connection used the length of the hose should be controlled in 1. 2 - 2. 0 m between, not due and interface; 12, the hose should be oil resistant rubber hose, with the gas pipeline, pipe joint, kitchen is provided, joint should be using the compression nut ( Lock the mother) Or pipe clamp fixed; 13, hose shall not through walls, Windows and doors. 14, gas bottle group way, rigid pipe connection should be adopted;
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