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Business scope of Grace
The business scope of Grace Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd includes the production and processing of electric deep fryer , packaging, delivery arrangement, and after-sales services related to the product such as warranty, refund and return, and repair and maintenance. We have obtained the relevant business permits and licenses to meet the national requirements. We create a unique product that is attractive in appearance, stable in structure, and applicable in functions. In the near future, we decide to expand our sales network to cover more countries with our remarkable product.

Grace has been widely recognized by the customers for its solid technology and professional food warmer cabinet. Grace provides a wide range of food warmer cabinet for customers. Deft propane deep fryer and compact propane deep fryer makes electric fryer popular among customers. This product is designed to be safe with no sharp edges. This product gives life to space. Using the product is a creative way to add flair, character and unique feeling to space. This product features a seamless fit for any style of the commercial kitchen.

Our primary goal is to create brands that are constantly preferred and to provide long-term customer satisfaction with our sales / after-sales support teams. Contact us!
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