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Catering kitchen design plan and selection of catering kitchen equipment

by:Grace     2021-03-23
In recent years, more and more people have invested in the catering industry. As a newcomer, it is really not easy to do well in the catering industry, such as address selection, business model positioning, customer positioning, corporate image positioning, and corporate management positioning. Every link will enable you Hesitate. Among them, you also need to choose a professional, trustworthy, and appropriate kitchen and kitchenware design company and kitchen engineering. Kitchen equipment suppliers have become a very critical issue. Because they are professional, trustworthy, and suitable kitchen equipment suppliers, they already know the successful model of the catering industry, the high-quality human resources and kitchen equipment in the professional industry, and they are also free resource providers and found a professional kitchen equipment company. You have done twice the result with half the effort. As a high-quality and professional kitchen equipment provider, here are some suggestions for you: 1. How to determine the location of the kitchen? The determination of the location of the kitchen in the restaurant is often overlooked by many people, and this is an important part of the smooth process of a catering kitchen. . A professional kitchenware company will remind you: The kitchen should be close to the restaurant, and try to take care of the reasonable distance of the dishes; the cooking area should consider the problem of oil fume emission, install the smoke exhaust pipe, and the cost is reasonable, so as not to disturb the people; the kitchen equipment should consider water and electricity, It is convenient to connect to water and electricity, and the safety hazards of the kitchen should be considered; the kitchen equipment should be drained, the kitchen should be located at a higher level, and the ground should be raised if possible; the kitchen entrance should be convenient for raw materials and garbage removal. 2. How to determine the area of u200bu200bthe kitchen The 'Code for Design of Catering Buildings' has clearly defined the ratio of the overall area of u200bu200beach area of u200bu200bthe restaurant kitchen to the lobby. However, for any investor, they want the restaurant lobby area to be as large as possible, while the office area and kitchen area are as small as possible. After all, there is an extra dining table, which is RMB. Then, a more professional kitchen equipment factory will remind you: the flavor of the cuisine will determine the choice of kitchen equipment, the equipment affects the area/dining of the lobby, the turnover rate affects the production rate, the advanced level of the equipment and the rough processing on site The working area must be taken into consideration. The reasonable and user-friendly design and equipment modeling can save the area of u200bu200bthe kitchen. 3. Choose a trustworthy kitchenware supplier, focus on kitchen equipment for 15 years, produce and customize central kitchen kitchenware, and the product quality is trustworthy.
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