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Commercial induction cooker has gradually become a must-have equipment for restaurant kitchens!

by:Grace     2021-03-28
At present, many people think that the commercial induction cooker is just a cooking tool that replaces the open flame heating. If it is not for saving money, because the open flame cannot be used in the venue, or because the chef prefers a better working environment, they would not choose to use a commercial induction cooker. This view is in the hearts of some people, because for a long time in the past, people have formed a preliminary understanding of commercial induction cookers. Some people think that commercial induction cookers are easy to break after they buy commercial induction cookers with low configuration. , Each time it brings them a lot of trouble, but in fact, high-configuration commercial induction cookers are very difficult to break, so the reason why you buy a commercial induction cooker that is easy to break is because the user did not know what the configuration of the commercial induction cooker was. Be fooled. The development of commercial induction cookers is a sign that commercial kitchens are about to enter the era of intelligence. The manpower required by the kitchen is reduced and the efficiency is higher. The cost is further reduced. Electromagnetic stoves realize digital cooking, and mass catering is developing faster and faster. Most Chinese fast food can also be digitally cooked. Cooking has entered an era of scientific traceability. People only need to prepare the ingredients and set the steps according to the ingredients needed for the dishes. Automatic production will become popular in the catering industry. In the current situation of rising catering costs, electromagnetic stoves are the first choice for energy saving and environmental protection. They have the highest thermal efficiency, which also implies the efficiency of cooking and cost savings. In today’s catering companies, cost is one of the eternal topics, especially for chain stores. Catering companies consume a lot of energy, and a constant 5% is also a huge profit. It is safe and reliable. The induction cooker reduces the occurrence of fires. The anti-leakage device and automatic power-off protection greatly protect the life of the chef. Induction cooker, large pot stove, reasonable use of various power and high power induction cooker heating speed is fast, but the power consumption is also large. When heating the pot with an induction cooker, you should first use a high-power block for heating, so that the speed is fast. Once the pot is boiling, if there is no special requirement, the power should be adjusted to a low level in time to keep the pot boiling, especially when cooking porridge, making soup, eating hot pot, etc. Because the high-power block not only wastes electrical energy, but also causes the soup to boil violently under great firepower, which will cause danger and make the bottom of the pot stutter in case of overflow. When heating food, pay attention to the method to heat the food, try not to heat the food in large pieces or whole, it is best to break it down into small pieces or thin strips. When cooking rice, it is best to soak the rice for five minutes before turning on the electricity. And pay attention to heating as much food as you need, especially when boiling water, making soup, etc. If you eat too much (use it), it will naturally cause a lot of waste of electricity. In addition, if there is food in the pot that is difficult to cook for a short time when making the soup, you should put a little less water at the beginning of the heating, and add the soup after the food is cooked, which can save a lot of electricity and time. How much electricity does the induction cooker need to operate? It depends on how much wattage you use to cook. Each kilowatt/hour is one kilowatt-hour of electricity. For example, if your induction cooker uses 1,000 watts for cooking, it will use one kilowatt hour per hour. Cooking with 500 watts is equivalent to one kilowatt-hour in 2 hours. Cooking with 50 watts is equivalent to one kilowatt-hour in 20 hours. The commercial electromagnetic frying stove will be 5kw-10kw, this can calculate the cost of continuous work per hour. The induction cooker saves more money, because the induction cooker's energy consumption rate is about 95%, and if the gas tank is used, half of the heat energy is consumed through combustion, and the energy consumption rate is low. At the same time, the induction cooker has almost negligible radiation. There is no pollution, and the use of gas tanks may cause poisoning, or sulfur pollution. The induction cooker is undoubtedly the all-round champion of frying, frying, frying, boiling, and stewing. This is undoubtedly a huge improvement compared to the single function of a microwave oven, and It saves the kitchen space to the greatest extent, is light and convenient to carry, and there is no danger of radiation and leakage. Gas cooking is delicious. After all, cooking is related to people’s habits. If a chef can use an induction cooker to fry dishes with gas, the first choice should be the induction cooker. This may have to be used for a period of time without open flame operation. Advantages and Benefits of Dishwasher Rental Next: School kitchen equipment manufacturers share various kitchen equipment layout methods
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