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Commercial kitchen cooking equipment use should pay attention to what?

by:Grace     2020-11-17
Commercial kitchen cooking equipment used items: 1, the gas fuel pipe inside the kitchen, the valve must be regularly check, prevent leakage. Gas fuel leakage is found, should first close the valve, ventilation in time, and any open flame is strictly prohibited and start the power switch. 2, the cylinders should be focused on the management together in the kitchen, is apart from the lamps and lanterns heat or open flame surface must have enough spacing, in case of high temperature baking cylinders, cause the combustible gas leak, cause a fire. The cooker in the kitchen should be installed on the non-combustible material, and fuel have enough spacing, in case the roast burning fuel. 3, Fried foods, a pot of oil should not be more than two-thirds of the oil, and pay attention to prevent water droplets and sundry fall into the pan, the oil spill is on fire. At the same time, oil heating temperature should be adopted, fight the fire too hard, excessively high oil temperature, oil on fire. 4, next to the kitchen equipment, take lampblack cover or the wall of the pollution should be clean everyday, lampblack pipeline should be cleaned once every six months at least. 5, the operator should be timely close all gas fuel valves, cut off the gas source, the source of a rear can leave. Part of the graphic source network, if there is any infringement please contact deleted!
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