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Commercial kitchen design should have enough space and kitchen equipment

by:Grace     2021-03-28
The bright kitchens and bright stalls of commercial kitchen equipment. The design of bright kitchens and bright stalls in restaurants is the product of the development of the catering industry to a certain period. The design of bright kitchens and bright stalls should at least be careful not to increase the restaurant’s fumes, noise and noise due to the design. Unobtrusive scenes. Some should only be used as a showcase for the final stage of production, and there is really no need to show it. Kitchen floor. Kitchen design and material selection must not be blindly followed, and must be carefully determined. When there is no choice to novel and practical anti-skid In front of the floor tiles, the use of red steel tiles is still effective. Commercial kitchen equipment uses water and open ditch. Many kitchens are equipped with too few and too small sinks (sinks), so that the chef has to travel far to find The sink is so busy that it is difficult to clean it altogether, and the sanitation of kitchen equipment is difficult to believe in service. The open ditch in the kitchen is an important channel for kitchen sewage discharge. But some kitchen open ditch is too shallow, or too rough, or there is no height difference , Or no organic connection, making the kitchen or water and ground connected, or smelly, the kitchen is difficult to be dry and clean. Therefore, when designing the kitchen, full consideration should be given to the defrosting and rinsing of the raw materials, and the chef uses clean water and clean water For various needs, single-tank or double-tank sinks should be used in the right place as much as possible to ensure the cleanliness of the food production environment. Kitchen lighting. The lighting of the restaurant emphasizes culture, and the lighting of kitchen design emphasizes practicality. The practicality here is mainly It is pointed out that there should be enough light for cooking in the oven to grasp the color of the dishes; the cutting board should have bright light to effectively prevent knife injuries and the pursuit of fine knife work; there should be sufficient light above the food to reduce weeds Mix into and flow into the restaurant, etc. The kitchen lighting does not have to be as luxurious and elegant as the restaurant, and the layout is neat, but its role must not be ignored. Auxiliary design is a necessary supplement to strengthen and improve the catering function. Auxiliary design mainly refers to the catering function In terms of classification, it is neither a restaurant that directly serves guests to eat and consume, nor a kitchen for the production of dishes. But without these designs, the restaurant may appear vulgar and even noisy; hotel kitchen equipment production and production It will also become intermittent or even incomplete. These auxiliary designs mainly include a meal preparation room and a washing room. The meal preparation room is a place equipped with food for opening meals to create smooth opening conditions. Traditional catering management mostly designs and The equipment has not attracted enough attention. Therefore, many restaurants are filled with smoke and gas, and the food service is lost. The design of the meal preparation room should pay attention to the following aspects: 1. The meal preparation room should be in the transition from the restaurant to the kitchen. Zone. It is convenient to clip and place the vegetable folder, to inform the orderer, and to facilitate the communication of information such as starting and stopping the food. 2. Double doors and two channels are used between the kitchen and the dining room. The kitchen and the dining room are really protected from oil and smoke. , Noise and temperature is the setting of two doors. The overlapping setting of two doors in the same direction not only plays the role of three partitions, but also blocks the direct view of the guests to see the kitchen, which effectively solves the problem of some restaurants furnishing screens. 3 There should be enough space in the meal preparation room and the design and equipment of the washing room. In the catering operation, it can effectively reduce the breakage of the tableware and ensure the quality of tableware washing and hygiene. The following aspects should be addressed: 1. The washroom should be close to the dining room and kitchen, and strive to be on the same plane as the dining room. The location of the washroom should be close to the dining room and kitchen to facilitate the delivery of dirty tableware and kitchen utensils. Good. The dishwashing room and the restaurant are kept on the same plane, mainly to reduce the labor intensity of the staff who convey the tableware. Of course, after a large-scale catering event, the dining cart pushes the tableware, which is also a prerequisite. 2. The dishwashing room should have reliable disinfection Facilities. The dishwashing room is not only responsible for washing tableware and kitchen utensils, but also responsible for the disinfection of all washing tableware. The dishwashing room that relies on manual washing of tableware must be washed after washing, according to the hotel's energy and site conditions, etc. For specific situations, special disinfection facilities are equipped. After disinfection, the tableware is dried with a clean cloth for use in restaurants and kitchens.
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