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Commercial stove heating food directly by the pot body

by:Grace     2021-01-20
Commercial high power electromagnetic cooking equipment and commercial high-power electromagnetic heating food processing equipment, has a very strong power ( Fire) And stability. Its humanized equipment embodies the perfect combination of people and equipment, can be applied to all kinds of forbidden flame heating of commercial kitchen and food processing industries, and can according to user needs special design, commercial electromagnetic heating equipment in full compliance with national standards for energy conservation and emissions reduction and policy. Commercial advantage is that it consists of pot body of the oven heating food directly, but by comparing the experiment data, the commercial electric heat pan than gas stove energy savings of 60% 30%, cooking can be fast, less heat loss, fast cooking, thermal efficiency is as high as 95%, greatly saves the energy. Traditional stoves, such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) stove, gas stove, electric stove, large amount of heat loss and slow cooking, thermal efficiency is only 40-60%. For more information, please baidu: commercial stove, gas type, gas type price, gas furnace manufacturer in guangdong kitchen industry co. , LTD. Welcome you the presence! Print this paper join collection back to an article on the top to close the window: take the initiative to promote commercial stoves for circuit department are all very realistic next article: commercial market status quo of the oven
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