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Experts tell you the 7 advantages of commercial high-power induction cookers

by:Grace     2021-03-28
As the popular darling of the kitchen, the induction cooker is loved by people. Now all major kitchens have different specifications of induction cookers put into use. In particular, high-power induction cookers can be seen in canteens, factories, schools, and large restaurants as a magic weapon for testing factory technology and improving work efficiency. Why do those operators look at high-power induction cookers so much? Let's analyze it below. 1 Energy saving The electromagnetic heating efficiency is above 90%, and the fuel and gas heating efficiency is only between 20%-45%. The integrated structure of the pot and machine like the large pot stove has higher thermal energy efficiency, unnecessary loss is eliminated, and the use of fossil energy is alleviated, and the energy utilization efficiency is improved. Therefore, the high-power induction cooker is used for public and private. All are positive products. 2 The environmentally friendly high-power induction cooker has no heat radiation, no smoke, no ash, no pollution, no increase in room temperature, no CO, CO2, SO3 and other harmful substances, which can effectively curb global warming, air pollution and other global problems to be solved Difficult problem. On the other hand, it has the characteristics of quiet, clean and refreshing kitchen, which completely bid farewell to the harsh working environment in the past, and catering workers no longer have to endure high temperature, noise, oily smoke and other troubles. 3 Saving money. A conservative calculation will save 50% of fuel costs relative to fuel and 60% of fuel costs relative to gas. Saving money means making money. Once the whole machine is invested, the manufacturer is responsible for after-sales for many years, which saves users from downtime and brings more intuitive benefits. 4 The firepower is fierce, and the time-saving commercial high-power electromagnetic frying stove of more than 15KW can surpass the firepower of the blast gas stove, and the unit output rate is increased by about 40%. Doing business, efficiency is money, especially in the catering industry, people usually have a concentrated meal time, so if the quality of the dishes can be guaranteed, and the food can be completed quickly, reducing the waiting time of diners, and strengthening the dining environment and service construction, then this store The income will never be bad. 5 The water-saving commercial high-power induction cooker uses a high-frequency magnetic field to induce eddy currents at the bottom of the iron pot to heat the pot itself. The furnace body does not generate heat, and the stove surface does not need to be cooled by water. 6 It is safe to heat without open flame, and completely eliminate the disaster caused by open flame. Because no gas is used, there will be no explosion, and it is safe and reliable. The main board of the induction cooker has multiple protection measures, once it exceeds the safety environment set by the system, it will stop working. Therefore, as long as the user follows the instructions and places it in a suitable location, without man-made damage, the high-power induction cooker has a long service life and a high safety factor. 7 Convenient installation Compared with gas stoves, because there is no open flame and less exhaust gas, the requirements for the smoke exhaust system are lower, and only oil smoke is required. At the same time, their structure is quite reasonable, but they take up more space, and they can keep you working all day. No matter whether it is packaged installation or changing place, don't worry about it. It is precisely with the above advantages that solve people's use problems, so the high-power induction cooker can be so popular. Previous post: Reference content for kitchen smoke exhaust duct engineering design schemes in the catering industry Next post: What kitchen equipment does the university canteen need?
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