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Grace Showroom

Grace Showroom


We have thousands of products displayed in our showroom, which can offer one-stop purchasing solutions for star hotels, restaurants, resorts, canteens, fast food restaurants, super markets, coffee shops , snack shops and so on.

We supply a wide range of kitchen equipment to meet your different needs, such as snack equipment, kitchen and restaurant equipment and catering equipment together with other kitchen necessities. Our products have been exported to the Europe,the USA,the Middle East,African and Asian Countries and enjoy great popularity.


High standard and super quality products as well as experienced our team come into be our advantages, which help us build up better and better kitchens.  We have accomplished a large amount of kitchen projects and established long lasting deep friendship with different clients.


One stop purchasing and customized service make your outsourcing easier. Customers could come to our showroom and let the staffs explain the function of each equipment even show how does it work.Directly perceived through the senses of helping customers to decide the purchasing order and know if the quality match their requirements. In the sample kitchen, customers could also taste how is the food cooked by our different machines. Welcome to Grace kitchen equipment showroom.

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