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Is Grace an OBM?
For now, Grace Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd is not an OBM and still working on to be a world-famous one yet. OBM refers to Original Brand Manufacturing which requires the enterprises to be of strong production capacity, independent development technology, up-to-date innovative concepts, and sound sales network across the whole world. It covers a wide range of businesses including product design, R&D, manufacturing, services, and sales. All the processes should be completed by themselves. OBM is more demanding than other business models such as ODM and OEM, but we will do our best.

Grace Kitchen Equipment is well-respected company which manufactures a full range of industrial catering equipment. Grace provides a wide range of food warmer cabinet for customers. wholesale restaurant equipment is one of the most prominent style of commercial kitchen products from Grace Kitchen Equipment. This product comes in a variety of sizes. Our skilled professionals supervise the quality control throughout the production, greatly guaranteeing the quality of the product. Its compact footprint makes it suitable for any space in the kitchen.

Our goal is to add value to our customers, and we will always develop cost-effective product solutions to help our customers achieve their goals. Check now!
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