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Kitchen energy saving and emission reduction in kitchen engineering

by:Grace     2021-03-28
Kitchen energy-saving and emission-reduction design is technically energy-saving and emission-reducing, which is to reduce energy consumption and emissions from the design of commercial kitchens. It has long-term effects and is of great significance to improving the technical level of kitchen energy-saving and emission-reduction design. Today the author is Let’s talk about energy saving and emission reduction in the kitchen. 1. Kitchen energy-saving and emission-reduction design is ubiquitous. In hotel kitchen design, equipment selection, and auxiliary system design, every link is related to energy-saving and emission-reduction design. From the analysis of the actual kitchen operation, there are many energy waste problems such as smoke exhaust ventilation and stove waste heat. If energy saving can be considered everywhere, considerable results can be achieved. 2. Reducing energy consumption means increasing revenue. Energy consumption accounts for a relatively large proportion of kitchen operating costs. Using energy-saving technology to reduce energy consumption and reducing costs means increasing hard revenue and generating long-term stable benefits. 3. It's better to save money than to save money. Operators are very concerned about how to reduce energy consumption. In the kitchen operation, there is indeed a waste of energy. Such as the permanent beacon and overtime start-up, these are all visible energy wastes. A management system can be specified to reduce some visible energy waste. For invisible energy waste, such as equipment with higher energy consumption, ineffective energy consumption due to construction-related reasons. A lot of waste is hidden in the operation process when planning and designing the kitchen. It is necessary to save use, but it is better to save use. In the design process, more attention should be paid to energy-saving design technology and equipment energy-saving technology. In terms of operating and management, increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, due to the influence of market and human factors, the benefits generated are fluctuating. Management work needs to be unrelenting and persevering every day. Technical energy saving has the advantages of time period, quick effect, stable benefit and long cycle. 4. Kitchen energy-saving designers control energy consumption from the source. The energy-saving design of kitchens uses energy-saving technologies and equipment to reduce the number of equipment used and energy consumption, energy recovery and reuse in the design of each system to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction. Therefore, the kitchen energy-saving design and renovation design achieve the highest energy-saving effect and cost-effectiveness ratio and the highest reliability, which is the fundamental way to reduce costs. 5. Kitchen energy saving and consumption reduction design has long-term benefits. The advantages and disadvantages of the design plan are long-term. After an energy-saving and low-consumption system is running, operating costs can be greatly reduced. On the contrary, for example, incorrect calculations of air conditioning and smoke exhaust systems will consume more energy during work. Even if the equipment fails, the replacement equipment will still be the same as the original design, and recalculation of the design is rarely performed, so the hidden excess energy consumption has a long-term impact. 6. The kitchen design stage is the best time for energy saving and consumption reduction. Hotel kitchen design is the best time for energy saving design, and it is also the most critical first step. If you miss this step, you will miss the best time and leave hidden dangers after completion. Therefore, when planning, designing, and constructing the kitchen, the concept of energy saving and consumption reduction is run through, making full use of technical skills and energy-saving equipment to eliminate waste from the source, and you can get twice the result with half the effort. Previous post: On the importance of dishwashers! Next: Problems in the procurement of hotel commercial kitchen equipment
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