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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning - Our Methods

by:Grace     2020-06-19
There is a solution to cleaning kitchen exhaust systems. There is really a right way using a wrong way obtainable this service. I will go over here how I see the right way is clean a hood system. The action is the organise. All items are moved off the cooking equipment. The actual pilots are blown out. Plastic sheeting is draped over the equipment or a funnel set up is made individual all the water fall into a barrel. Note every system can be set up with a funnel. Once the cooking utensils is covered beautifully. Now we contain the area we drape plastic from as high of a point as possible hopefully the ceiling down to 3 inches above ground in front in the cooking equipment. This prevents any back splashes of water from contaminating your location. The next step is to heaps grease filters of this kitchen exhaust system and place them where ever let us be cleaning those. If possible soaking them in a chemical solution to assist you the cleaning of them when we find yourself at that stage. Now that we're set up we check for boards. If there are any panels we open them and scrape out any heave grease. Likewise all know do this towards hood itself as well. Now it is time to go to in which fan is located typically on the roof however there are many times the fan is located privately of your property. One man stays at the hood at this point armed with a shop vac ready to suck up the. We then flip the fan in a method to expose the duct work and the fan blades essential note it is code that every fan has a hinge hook setup specifically for this purpose. Once the fan is flipped the experience begins. The ductwork and fan blades is degreased and power washed. Then your fan is placed back. The inner part of the top the fan has grown into degrease and power washed. All comes about while water is falling down your ductwork at an interest rate of between two to five gallons of water per minute depending on the equipment being put into use. The man on the ground inside kitchen is managed that as it falls. Teamwork is crucial in this work! Once the fan and duct are cleaned properly it's time to move about the kitchen hood. We move our equipment and our selves to the ground then we degrease and power wash the hood as necessary to being clean. Sometimes scrubbing with steel wool and scraping with stiff heavy metal scrapers is called upon. Once the hood is clean passed away dries the water from the hood with a towel and shines the hood with steel shiner while the additional man goes to fight the filters. Filters are degreased and power washed the back side first then the front. When it is vital all done we put the filters back in your shiny clean kitchen exhaust system clean all the mess, Collect payment by leaving as found.
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