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Kitchenware development-commercial kitchen equipment, catering kitchen equipment, hotel kitchen equipment

by:Grace     2021-03-13
Kitchenware development commercial kitchen equipment, catering kitchen equipment, hotel kitchen equipment kitchen equipment industry belongs to the sunrise industry, commercial kitchen equipment from the West to China, is durable products and high-end consumer goods, widely used in Chinese food, Western food, hotels, bakeries, bars, coffee Restaurant, staff restaurant, school restaurant, barbecue restaurant, fast food restaurant, noodle restaurant, sushi restaurant and other places. 1. Study the characteristics of cooking technology and pay attention to the systematic design of kitchen equipment engineering; 2. Improve product structure, update and maintain the advanced nature of the equipment; 3. Strict process stacking and quality control, import key parts and components to ensure operational reliability; 4. Scientific management, reduce costs, reduce construction costs, save investment for customers, and generate benefits; 5. Customer first, service first, repair and replacement during the warranty period, on call. The company's main business: kitchen equipment production customization, overall kitchen design planning, overall kitchen infrastructure construction, overall kitchen maintenance. Inquiries: 0755-89306885. Next: Causes of fires in commercial kitchens and precautions Previous: Introducing the latest overall commercial kitchen engineering services in 2018
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