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Matters needing attention in the design of commercial kitchen equipment

by:Grace     2021-03-28
Guangdong Kitchenware is a professional organization integrating professional commercial kitchen engineering design, production, installation, maintenance, and kitchenware maintenance. In response to the different needs of customers, we are tailored to the service design concepts of professionalism, versatility, forward-looking, reasonableness, economy, and safety, and realize the maximization of customer benefits based on the principle of low investment and high return. We can act as the design consultant of the construction party to escort the smooth progress of the commercial kitchen project. Regardless of whether the kitchen is equipped with an advanced water hood or even a simple exhaust fan, the most important thing is to create a negative pressure in the kitchen, especially the side dishes and cooking area. The so-called negative pressure, that is, the amount of air discharged is greater than the amount of fresh air added to the kitchen. This way the kitchen can keep the air fresh. However, while extracting the main oil fume in the kitchen, you should not ignore the stale air and exhaust gas generated by the oven, oven, steam box, steam pot, steam disinfection cabinet, dishwasher, kitchen waste disposal machine, noodle machine, etc., to ensure All the smoke is not diffused and retained in the kitchen area. Ming kitchen of the kitchen Ming kitchen of the kitchen, Ming file. The design of restaurant kitchens is the product of the development of the catering industry to a certain period of time. When designing bright kitchens and bright stalls, at least be careful not to add fumes, noise and unsightly scenes in the restaurant due to the design. Some are only suitable for demonstrating the kitchen design in the final stage of production, and there is really no need to tell them all. Kitchen floor The design and selection of the floor of the kitchen must not be blindly followed, and must be determined carefully. Before choosing new and practical anti-skid floor tiles, the use of red steel tiles is still an effective move. Kitchen water and open ditch. When designing sinks (sinks) in many kitchens, the kitchens are equipped with too few and too small sinks, so the chef has to travel a long way to find the sink, so it is difficult to clean it when he is busy. Unbelievable service. The open ditch in the kitchen is an important channel for the discharge of kitchen sewage. But in some kitchens, the open ditch is too shallow, or too rough, or there is no height difference, or there is no organic connection, which makes the kitchen or water and ground connected, or smelly, and it is difficult to dry and clean the kitchen. Therefore, when designing the kitchen, we must fully consider the needs of raw materials for thawing and rinsing, and the chef's use of clean water and clean water. Use single or double tank sinks in suitable locations as much as possible to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of the food production environment. The lighting of the kitchen The lighting of the restaurant emphasizes culture, and the lighting of the kitchen emphasizes practicality. The practicality here mainly refers to the need to have enough light for cooking in the oven to grasp the color of the dish; the cutting board should have bright light to effectively prevent knife injuries and the pursuit of fine knife work; there should be sufficient light above the dish to hit the lotus , To effectively reduce the influx of weeds into restaurants and so on. Kitchen lighting does not have to be as luxurious and elegant as a restaurant and neatly laid out, but its role must not be ignored. Auxiliary design is a necessary supplement to strengthen and improve the catering function. Auxiliary design mainly refers to the division of catering functions. It is neither a restaurant that directly serves guests’ meals and consumption, nor a kitchen for the production of dishes. But without these designs, the restaurant may appear vulgar and even noisy; the production and production of the kitchen will become intermittent or even incomplete. These auxiliary designs mainly include the meal preparation room and the dishwashing room.
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