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Meat Slicer - The Trendy Commercial Kitchen Equipment

by:Grace     2020-06-17
We'll be continuing as this review of commercial restaurant equipment with yet another unsung kitchen hero - the meat slicer. If truly to slice your own meats or cheese with precision that rivals the best possible delis then you need a commercial slicer for your foodservice operation. Before making a slicer purchase review the below points: Blade One of reduce costs things you need consider when purchasing meat slicer may be the cutting blade. Blades range in size from 8 to 14 inches. The 8 and 9 inch blades are sufficient for light-duty cutting. For heavy-duty requirements 12-14 inch blades are probably the most effective. These are good for all-round use as well. You should also think about the type of material used to make the blade of electrical meat slicer. Very best to to look blade made from high carbon metal. This type of blade will resist stains and be easier to sharpen. This kind of meat slicer may have a sharper edge. Strokes You should also think about the type of strokes the meat slicer can hold. Some models have different stroke lengths. This kind of meat slicer can slice with a 1/3, 1/2, possibly full stroke. Operating Mode Slicers are for both manual and automatic modes. With manual Slicers you will need to move meal truck back and forth to slice food. Automatic slicers move the carriage with an electric motor, saving you time and child birth. Manual Slicers, on the other hand, allow you to be involved planet end product over what with automatic units by having more hands-on work using this method. A high-quality manual slicer is also great to have as a backup when the electric version malfunctions or breaks down. Carriage Size Most models hold products that coming from 7-1/2 to one foot in diameter. Products and solutions intend to slice large product, might be good to confirm that the slicer's carriage will accommodate it. Another important factor is the degree of the angle location carriage is based. A steeper carriage angle is preferable as it facilitates self-feeding among the product. Slicers are usually placed near the sink area for simple washing or somewhere on the kitchen countertop or prep area. Slicers are not big appliances in themselves; however guarantee that they fit the prep area designated for them or that there is sufficient space around kitchen countertop. Advertising need more space or if hunt for to move the slicer from station to station, a slicer cart in a position to a good venture. Speed If you a good electric slicer in mind check out the speeds available. Most designs only have one speed. However, you can obtain an electric meat slicer that has multiple speeds. This regarding slicer usually operates at speeds between 36 and 52 slices per minute. Safety Features and Tips: Check whether are usually many easy to reach controls so absolutely stop the slicer quickly and cut guards/food pushers defend your hands while slicing. Your slicer can make serious cut injuries when not properly used. Keep these safety tips in mind with the help of the slicer: Keep meat properly in the slicer and ensure how the slicer is placed in proper position anyone begin to cutBe careful not attain across the bladeAfter using remember to show off the slicer by setting the calibration back to zeroUnplug the slicer before cleaning itUse cut-resistant gloves for both hands while cleansing the blade Cleaning-up If you slice meat and cheese with the same unit you will want to thoroughly clean both the blades and the slicing table before switching foods. With growing number of milk and other food allergies, you are in danger of severely harming your customers by not cleaning the unit when switching meals. You'll certainly appreciate a meat slicer that uncomplicated to clean moving up. This means that the meat slicer you choose should have parts that are simple to wash in the sink or within a dishwasher. Every part that needs end up being cleaned should be simple to remove and simple to put back on. Although there are several great brands of business meat slicers out there we've found that Berkel meat slicers consistently tick all the boxes in our checklist. For above the century now, Berkel Slicers have become synonymous with quality meat slicers. Berkel slicers are all belt driven which means much less costly to fix over time should any repair become necessary in the long term. Other slicers are gear driven and wear out their costly to restore gears quickly. Berkel meat slicers also provide powerful, uniform slicing and easy blade adjustment for variable slicing thickness. And to meet safety and sanitary regulations, Berkel slicers are ETL-Listed and NSF-certified.
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