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School canteen kitchen utensils and appliances necessary listing: main disinfection methods and requirements are there?

by:Grace     2020-12-30
Now is if the regular size dining room, there are a series of professional kitchen equipment, school canteen, to a full range of supply of the best food for the student, the school dining room to kitchen utensils and appliances from storage utensils, washing utensils, appliances, cooking utensils and eating utensils, has a detailed list of add, in addition, in the course of everyday use, will be regular cleaning and disinfection treatment, see below. A, do the necessary what 1 school canteen kitchen utensils and appliances, storage appliances into food storage, and implements supplies storage of two. Food storage, and is divided into cold storage and cold storage, cold storage is achieved by inside the kitchen refrigerator, freezer, etc; Implements supplies store, which is to provide tableware, cookware, utensils, such as storage space; Storage equipment is through a variety of bottom ark and condole ark, horny ark, multi-purpose ark, etc. 2, washing utensils including hot and cold water supply and drainage equipment, wash wash basin, such as content ark, produced in the kitchen, after washing should be set box or health barrels, etc. , should also be equipped with modern family kitchen disinfection cabinets, food grinder and other equipment. 3, regulate equipment should also be equipped with modern family kitchen disinfection cabinet, including hot and cold water supply system. Mainly includes the regulate the mesa, sorting, cutting tools and ingredients, modulation and vessels. With the progress of science and technology, the family kitchen food pressing machines, cutting machines, pressing machines and modulation etc are also growing. 4, stoves, kitchen is provided main cooking utensils and cooking at the time of the related tools and vessels. 5, dining utensils chopping vegetables, cooking utensils, household kitchen food cutting machine, wash basin. Second, what are the requirements for school canteen kitchen utensils disinfection ( A) Tableware decontamination technology requirements mainly includes: 1, wash-infection room using drugs disinfection should be set three washing disinfection pool, specialized pool, is equipped with special airtight tableware cleaning tank. 2, tableware disinfection stick to the four procedures: go to residue, detergent to wash, water purification and disinfection. Ashtrays shall not tableware with mixed brush, readjusting. 3, when using chlorine preparation of disinfectant, compound must be accurate, disinfectant should be kept sealed. Equipped with storing disinfectant, storage configuration tool, detergent. 4, using drugs, disinfection, will wash the tableware of immerse completely in the 250 PPM disinfectant after 5 minutes, rinse with water purification, into the cleaning tank to prevent secondary pollution. 5, according to the quantity of tableware disinfection disinfectant change regularly, maintain effective concentration of the disinfectant to achieve the purpose of disinfection. 6, use disinfection cabinet disinfection, disinfection ark inside temperature of 120 ℃ for 20 minutes. Using stored tableware disinfection cabinet, the tableware disinfection cabinet a amount of tableware disinfection should be able to meet the amount of tableware used a meal. Disinfection cabinet should maintain normal operation. 7, tableware disinfection to achieve light, clean, dry, dry. When using drugs disinfection must be clean, no stains, no peculiar smell. 8, tableware disinfection between pool must be special. After a meal every day must clean, maintain the ground, mesa, sink clean and tidy. 9, trash, airtight storage, clear in time, garbage container to clean.
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