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Solar Ovens and RV's - A Match Made in Heaven

by:Grace     2020-06-09
A solar oven and an RV is a match made in heaven. My wife and I've been full-timing for approximately three years now and are still learning new lessons about adapting for this unusual lifestyle. A serious environmental adjustment, that took some used to, was adapting to a smaller floor space. There is moving around space, cooking space, storage space, my space, her space, and probably one of the most challenging is the shared space. A woman likes 'HER Space.' A place for all sorts of things and almost my way through its place, if you have enough space. Having more than one of any single item in an RV is considered a luxury, not really an impossibility. The second best challenge is the daily management of one's resources, primarily the backup, house batteries, power supply and its requirements. The generator must be started for even small tasks, such as blow drying hair, making toast, making a smoothie or ironing a shirt. Is actually also especially required for operating the microwave or convection oven, and for periods of one to 2 hours for cooking a roast or turkey. The main challenge related to presenting an oven in an RV such as being a motor home, will be the residual heat generated in such the lowest space and can be to be intolerable on a hot summer day, despite the use of having a ceiling exhaust aficionado. Unless the RV is plugged into shore power, most on-board generators will not support the electrical demand of both an oven and air-conditioning. Many cooks forgo baking bread, a cake, pie, brownies, cookies, or cornbread in the summer for that reason alone, and yet who would n't need fresh baked goods in hot weather conditions are? Well, now you can, thanks to the electricity of the sun and the invention of the solar oven. A solar oven is obviously used outside, therefore eliminating the overheated motor home rrssue. In our research we soon realized that, just like every appliance, there are good ones and some not so superior. Our internet research of solar ovens soon brought us with startling conclusion: this kind of is not a well organized industry, much most notably alternative energy resources in general. Community . clue was the dozens of websites and articles claiming to have free plans how to produce your own solar oven from used CDs or pizza boxes and aluminum foil, and a good parabolic unit fashioned from a discarded satellite dish. However, we did find several makes of solar ovens available, with an array of physical and technological designs. One fact was quickly observed: there are as many exaggerated performance claims additionally are solar oven designs. The normal error was the particular temperature the ovens could achieve as well as with some a higher consistency. The ovens that caught my attention were the ones that seemed to fold up and slip into a back pack or small space within our already over-packed camper. Unfortunately, the very feature that had attracted my availability of the first place became the very feature that, once the truth be known, became the deal -breaker. The fold-up design hindered that oven's ability gain the higher temperatures that the heavier, more substantially designed ovens could. The box-type ovens with reflectors proved in cooking tests time after with regard to you be the most effective and consistent music artists. Three of the top brand name solar ovens were tested on CBS 'Early Show' and the 'box-type' sun ovens were the only ones that would reach and maintain 350F. One box-type brand, claimed to simply reach 350F, yet on the Gaiam website blog, one customer from Utah and another from New Mexico complained they could it is just boil water on the sunny day, without the pain . New Mexico customer stating it was twenty days towards summer solstice. It's to do investigation. I scratched several from my regarding prospects. Another important fact concerning the fold-up reflector type ovens is that they still require a container for meals is that needs regarding carried along the new reflector separately and that they can easily be blown about the actual planet wind. The box-type solar ovens are insulated and most have lids to retain the heat. In addition to that, the fold-up solar ovens only have a four month life span with continuous use. So, regardless of foods that they cost less than the box-type solar ovens, they need to be replaced three to 4 times a year, while the box-type ovens have extended warrantees, even with continuous daily include. Despite the height and width of the box-type solar ovens, 19x19x11' (21 pounds), two of them were back-packed (by one climber) on the base camp at Mt. Everest, 17,600 feet and had been able to cook in sub-zero the temperatures. With this fact, I narrowed my search to box-type sun ovens. However, my problems just started! Remember fondly the 'My Space' 'Her Space' scenario? Well, I like 'My' solar oven so much, I to help be able to bake two loaves of bread in a while baking a chicken in another and a cobbler in a Third! Three Ovens! Where does someone store them? What can I get regarding to make region? My precious stuff, or her junk? Space is precious, the right way? I solved the problem and simply removed the passenger seat and stacked 3 ovens in its place, complete with seat belt. Problem solved, right? Wrong, she now says she's driving! Solar is not everything it is cracked up to be, but at least I'm greener than I was before this all started. Solar ovens are fun in the light.
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