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Some things to note when changing the kitchen to smoke exhaust pipes

by:Grace     2021-03-28
During the decoration process, we all know that the decoration and construction of the kitchen smoke exhaust pipe system is very important. During the decoration and construction process, the kitchen flue is not well done, which causes the backflow of kitchen fumes and affects our daily life. Many old buildings are mostly brick-concrete structures and exhaust smoke. The pipes are mostly made of bricks, so the cross-section of the pipe is generally small, and it is difficult to change the pipe in the kitchen. Precautions for changing the kitchen to flue ducts 1. Precautions for changing the kitchen to exhaust ducts-solve the problem of exhausting smoke, increase the power of the range hood, and leave'supply outlets' for doors and windows. Because the cross-section of the existing building ducts cannot be expanded, it is for each owner In other words, the smoke exhaust problem can only be improved by increasing the power of its own range hood. However, after some owners changed their own high-power range hoods, the smoke exhaust problem has not been greatly improved. The range hood will make a strange noise after working for a few minutes. At this time, if you open the kitchen door to change the flue, it will be difficult to close it. This is because the range hood needs to constantly replenish fresh air while pumping out the air, otherwise a vacuum will appear during work, which will only make a roar but not take away the smoke. Therefore, the kitchen needs a normal'make-up vent'. 2. Precautions for changing the kitchen to exhaust pipes-to solve the odor taint, install a valve in the kitchen exhaust pipe to install a valve at the smoke inlet of the flue is a good way to solve the odor taint. This kind of valve is one-way. When the range hood is working, the valve opens into the flue. When other residents discharge flue gas into the flue, the valve will be tightly closed to prevent the flue gas from pouring back into the flue port, which is an effective solution. The problem of taint. 3. Precautions for changing the kitchen to smoke exhaust pipes-easy to install Almost all gas pipes or gas meters in the kitchen are quite an eye-catcher. Obviously, gas companies are more concerned about safety or ease of installation. The alteration of the gas pipeline must also be approved or operated by the gas company (the gas company's cost is RMB 80-260). If it needs to be changed, in principle, the pipe from the gas meter should be as close as possible to the main pipe and extend downward, and then turn to the vicinity of the gas stove. The height of the horizontal pipe should be 20cm below the height of the countertop. Foshan Equipment Co., Ltd. is a commercial kitchen. Equipment customization, kitchen engineering design, production research and development, kitchen equipment installation, maintenance services, and catering smoke exhaust system design professional company. Provide customers with four major solutions: energy-saving kitchens, environmentally friendly kitchens, safe kitchens, smart kitchens and other one-stop overall solutions. Serving five major customers: chain catering, banquet hotel catering, central kitchen, unit school canteen, star hotel. Six major product systems: stove energy-saving system, environmental protection purification system, safety operation system, central kitchen system, refrigeration and heating system, dishwashing and disinfection system. Professional quality casts a professional brand and focuses on the development of benchmarks in the kitchen equipment industry. Previous: The 'simple' and not simple of restaurant stainless steel workbench structure Next: Kitchen design | Canteen decoration design points | These principles should be carefully designed consider
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