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What are the common commercial hotel kitchen equipment?

by:Grace     2020-11-20
What are the commonly used hotel kitchen equipment? Fine hutch league for Chinese restaurant, western restaurant, cafeteria, restaurants, hotel kitchen equipment, according to the feature classification are: Chinese food and gas stoves, western food and cooking, stainless steel, refrigeration equipment, baking equipment, heat preservation, pasta machine, meat processing machinery, equipment, washing the dishes disinfection equipment, exhaust equipment, more detailed list of equipment as follows: a, Chinese food gas cookers blast seafood dishes stove and three steamed ark, SiLiuTou freeing furnace, single head or double low Shang Zao 2, western food and cooking freeing furnace, griddles, blast furnace, universal steam oven, stove, stainless steel three eyelid stainless steel sink, cabinet, table, dishes and kitchen cupboards, shelves, condole ark, refrigeration equipment, vertical refrigerator, platform, refrigerator, ice machine, cold storage, freezer, baking oven, wake up box, egg mixer, crisp skin machine six, pasta dough mixer, noodle press equipment, multi-function mixer, electric bread seven, meat processing machinery, meat grinder, mutton slicer, saw eight bone machine, washing the dishes sterilization equipment dishwashers, disinfection cabinet, high-pressure showers, rushed to the tap nine, exhaust fume hood, exhaust fan, lampblack purifier, the exhaust pipe to consider other hotel kitchen equipment and water boiler, flykilling lamps, disinfection lamp, cold dish room with independent fission air conditioning, etc. Part of the graphic source network, if there is any infringement please contact deleted!
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