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What are the installation processes of the kitchen gas collecting hood in the hotel kitchen equipment

by:Grace     2021-03-14
The cooking equipment area in the hotel kitchen equipment must rely on the gas collecting fume hood to collect the exhaust gas and undergo purification treatment (including: oil fume purifier treatment; UV photolysis treatment; spray water treatment, etc.) before it can be discharged outdoors. Therefore, the installation of the kitchen fume hood is very important, so how to install the kitchen fume hood is what every installer must understand. Here is a brief description of the installation process of the gas fume hood. 1. Admission inspection: According to the layout plan of the kitchen, the smoke hoods of each group shall be discharged according to the serial number when leaving the factory from Foshan Kitchenware Factory, and check whether the size of the site is in line with the size of the existing smoke hood; 2. Positioning rough welding is in welding When the hood is used, after leveling the hood with a wire, use strong tongs and shrimp tongs to clamp and weld the leveled hood every two sections. After the whole set of smoke hoods are rough spot welded, check the flatness with the wire again, and then the overall rough welding can be carried out. When welding, use an argon arc welding machine (electric welding is not allowed), and it is required to be carried out at each corner of the cover For spot welding, spot welding at a distance of 100mm on the inner flange of the hood. Fully weld the sink and the flange of 100mm from the bottom of the sink. Finally, install the fume hood splint and spot weld it; Installation height of the hood 1. Ordinary hood (counted from the wall), the bottom side is between 1850MM~1950MM; 2. The water hood (counted from the wall) is between 1700MM and 1800MM; 3. The hood can be adjusted according to the on-site conditions, but it cannot be too low or too high, to achieve a good exhaust effect and not affect the chef's operation as the standard; 4. On the wall, first draw the required height on the wall of the smoke hood Line (2~4 angle irons can be fixed at this height line, fixed by the length of the hood, temporary measures when lifting the hood, remove the hood after installation, when lifting the hood, the back and bottom corners can be hung here. ) After hanging the smoke hood on this angle iron, you can tap the explosive screws on the back of the smoke hood and the wall (first hit the explosive screws on the upper row). After the smoke hood is installed, use the line to level it, and then place it in each section. (Approximately 2400) The bottom of the upper floor of the hood is connected to the bottom of the floor, and a boom is used to lift the outer end of the hood. 5. Wooden square positioning (only suitable for hoods with back panels) 2~4 wooden squares with 1850mm-1950mm height can be used , The number of wooden squares is determined according to the length of the hood. When lifting the hood, first draw the required height line on the wall where the hood is hung, put the wooden square on the side of the wall, and let people support the wooden square. The back angle can be placed on the wooden square, check the height is correct, when the front and back are leveled, you can hit the explosive screw on the back of the smoke hood and the wall (first hit the explosive screw on the upper row), after the smoke hood is installed, use the line to adjust Then put a boom on the floor of each section (about 2400mm) where the hood is connected to the upper end of the hood to lift the outer end of the hood. Six, the construction protection is on the spot, and the party A’s site is tiled. In order not to damage the tiles, Thick cardboard or wooden boards should be placed on the ground, and the product cannot be dragged on the ground at will. When electric welding, protective work should be done (such as using iron plates to block the tiles); 7. Soldering joints and leak-proof measures After hoisting, lay the unfinished explosive screws, apply glass glue to the sewage tank and the 100mm flange on the bottom of the sewage tank to prevent oil leakage. It is necessary to handle the polishing of the solder joints and wash the molten steel. Use clean water to wash the molten steel, install the grease trap, and there is a gap of 100mm between every two grease traps.; Eight, the installation of the hood lamp, such as the installation of the hood lamp, can ask the electrician to install the hood lamp, in principle A hood lamp is installed above each furnace eye, and a hood lamp is installed above a clay pot stove. When hoisting the air duct, do not walk on the outer slope of the hood. Before the completion of the project, tear off all the adhesive paper. And hang the oil bucket. Nine, transport the water hood installation After the water hood is installed, plug the water return port, and the wave tank is filled with water for 24 hours, and check whether there is leakage at the welding port for repair. Water and electricity are in place before delivery Carry out water transportation debugging first. Foshan Kitchenware Factory mainly produces kitchen equipment, commercial kitchen equipment, chain catering kitchen equipment, hotel kitchen equipment, undertakes kitchenware engineering, kitchen engineering, kitchenware customization, kitchenware repair, kitchen design, etc. It is a high-quality enterprise in Foshan kitchenware factory. 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