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What are the types and characteristics of cooking equipment

by:Grace     2021-03-14
What are the types and characteristics of cooking equipment?     requires different fires and cooking techniques, so the requirements for various dishes on stoves and pots are also different. In recent years, the kitchenware industry has produced many new special kitchenware according to the needs of cooking development. 1. Stove: The stove has different firepower, such as Cantonese cooking stove, also known as Cantonese stove, large stove type, large stove, large pot, large firepower, suitable for emergency cooking. Other stoves are called different stoves, and there is no difference in structure and principle. The size can be changed according to the environment and actual needs, the shape is slightly smaller, and the firepower is moderate. 2. Stew pot: A stove specially designed for stewing, stewing and stewing. The fire is mild, burns fast and stews slowly, until the soup becomes moderate and the stewed meat becomes crispy. Meat stew stoves are mostly multi-eye stoves, such as three-eye cookers and five-eye fish cookers.    3, Tang stove: specially designed for soup, stewing and pickling stoves, such as low soup stove and clam stove. The low soup stove can stew chicken broth, bone broth and marinated beef. The Oyster stove is a multi-burner stove that can be used to cook different flavors for multiple table guests.    4. Oven: In terms of cooking techniques, baking belongs to the same category, but different cooking methods require different temperatures and different equipment. Therefore, there are many types of ovens, such as roast duck oven, roast pig oven, pancake oven, pizza oven, oven and so on.     5. Fryer furnace: cooking technology is defined as 'frying' as a small amount of oil, heated with a medium and small fire, smoothly put the paste of the flat raw material into the pot, make the surface of the raw material golden yellow, and make it into a dish technique. In view of the fact that the processing technology of the electric pan, burner, and iron plate is the same as the 'frying' technology, it is classified as a wok.     6. Steamer: The use of 'steaming' in cooking technology is widely used in the production process of staple food. Before the appearance of steamer, steamer and steamer were mainly used. Now most of them use electricity as heat source, which is easy to clean and easy to control fire fighting. In addition to steaming seafood, the seafood steamer can also be used for cooking and processing such as stewing soup and steaming buttons. The steamed buns in the restaurant also use the original steamer, which can also be used for mass production.    7. Fryer: The commonly used fryer is a level-bottomed pot developed on the basis of an electric stove for frying food. Electricity is used to control the heat source, which is convenient for temperature control, small furnace and easy to clean.     8. Stove: generally suitable for the processing of main and non-staple foods. The large boiler and steam sandwich pot can cook multiple soups, vegetables, porridge, pasta, etc. at once. The steam jacketed boiler uses steam as a heat source, and the tank body can be tilted to facilitate loading and unloading of materials. Noodle soup is a special stove designed to cook all kinds of noodles at the same time. It can cook dumplings, clams, noodles, etc. at the same time. It can also add soup, ingredients, dishes, etc. according to the needs of the guests. Problems with high energy consumption, few varieties, slow speed and difficulty in adjustment. Previous: Classification and principle of commercial induction cooker electric heating technology Next: How to buy commercial kitchen equipment
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