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What is the difference between domestic and imported commercial kitchen equipment?

by:Grace     2021-03-28
In my opinion, the commercial kitchenware industry has not entered the Chinese market for a long time. After more than ten years of development, it has become a very prosperous industry. At present, China's commercial kitchenware industry has a strong sense of service, and the products themselves have been able to keep up with international trends in terms of material selection and design style, and some well-known brands have emerged. The trend of commercial kitchenware has been advocating the concept of the overall kitchen, which has been widely used in some mid-to-high-end residences. The kitchen cabinets and kitchen appliances are bundled together and integrated, which is both beautiful and space-saving. This kind of bundling is by no means a simple sales bundling, but a bundling of design, construction, installation, service and other links. The main manifestations of the industry gap: 1.  System standard The overall kitchen is a perfect combination of architectural art, cabinets and kitchen appliances. Standards are the perfect foundation. Any error in any link will cause the entire system to become disconnected. The current domestic commercial kitchen utensils are the only industry that is implementing standardization, and construction and kitchen appliances are at a non-standard level and status quo, which not only hinders the development of the overall kitchen, but also shows the low level of the construction industry in my country, and kitchen appliances are therefore And no connection with the international market. 2. Product types At present, the types of domestic kitchen appliances are very limited, and there are very few embedded products that match the overall kitchen. For example, built-in oven, built-in washing machine, built-in refrigerator, built-in dishwasher, built-in coffee machine, and so on. These products are in demand in the market, and the demand is increasing, but no domestic enterprises produce them. Kitchenware companies can only look for foreign products when choosing. The process of embedded products is not complicated, it just requires the manufacturer to combine the design with the cabinet design. If these embedded products can be made domestically, the overall kitchen cost will be reduced to a large extent, because the price of imported electrical appliances is very high, more than three times, or even ten times, that of domestic products. 3. The lack of ideas The lack of ideas is not only universal, but also regional. The so-called universality refers to the lack of advanced business concepts and overall development ideas in my country's home appliance industry. Whether it is a large state-owned brand or those small and medium-sized privately-owned brands, everyone just keeps the competition on the price and lacks the pursuit of technology research and development and product value. Why do our products only sell for 2,000 yuan, while foreign products can be worth 20,000 yuan? The profit of our entire color TV industry is lower than that of a Sony company? Products are not only the appearance and function, but the connotation is the embodiment of value. If you only make products for the sake of making products, there will be no big development. Previous: How to deal with hot pot induction cooker failure Next: Safety common sense when using commercial kitchen equipment
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