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What is the difference between natural oven and liquefied oil cooker is?

by:Grace     2020-11-02
Natural oven can be liquefied petroleum kitchen cooker: the main difference between a, with the style of the same model gas oven and liquefied petroleum gas cooker model code, T represents the gas cookers, Y on behalf of the liquefied petroleum gas cookers. Second, gas cookers, gas inlet pressure of 2 kpa, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to 2. 8KPA; Three, gas cookers flame mouth than flame mouth diameter of liquefied petroleum gas cookers. Ingredient is methane gas introduction: natural gas, is stored in underground rock stratum by the chemical change of ancient animals, after drilling acquisition by pipeline to the user, is the best gas fuel. Liquefied petroleum gas introduction: liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is the petrochemical products, in oil fractionation of light component gas pressurized liquid at room temperature, carbon ingredient is 4, ( Butane) As liquefied petroleum gas. Liquefied petroleum gas is commonly repackaging bottling, is the common gas canisters. Also have centralized pressure gasification, pipe distribution for family use, your home may be the situation. So, gas stoves and liquefied petroleum gas stoves is not universal, unless the liquefied petroleum gas flame mouth diameter increase point can be normal use, and handling fees due to local differences, about 30 - 40 yuan, but due to quality differentiation, non-professionals do not recommend to restructuring ovens, even professionals need to be finished under the guidance of the brand manufacturers. Normal manufacturer production of kitchen burning gas sign with 'T, liquefied gas stoves with Y mark, sign in the artificial coal gas with R. From the air outlet of the gas also can separate, liquefied gas calorific value (highest 12000 kcal/m3) So it is the air flow of the finest, about 0. 5 ~ 1 mm. Natural gas heating value center ( 8000 kcal/m3) It's the outlet for 2 mm. The artificial coal gas calorific value (lowest Gb: not less than 3400 kcal/m3) So it's the outlet most about 2. 5 ~ 3 mm.
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