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What You Need to Know When Using Gas and Electric Ovens

What You Need to Know When Using Gas and Electric Ovens


Commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers have been battling it out in the market to see which one is the best when it comes to baking or any type of oven activity. Well, there’s more to it that meets the eye. But who’s to say that one trumps the other?


Take a look at the battle between gas ovens and electric ovens, for example. These 2 have gone head to head when it comes to one upping each other in terms of pro’s and con’s. But how do they really differ and what makes the other one better.


In terms of actually baking, electric ovens offer more on regulating temperature. Since it’s controlled electronically, you get a more accurate and precise heat compared to a gas oven. This means that heat is more evenly distributed throught the space, removing hotspots which may gas oven often have.


But you also need to consider the wear and tear on these ones. Gas ovens tend to last longer than electric ones since electric ovens need proper care and maintenance to make sure that the heat is always constant. Abuse on electric ovens can mean decalibration which means that the accuracy of heat control could lessen overtime.


Roasting on the other hand is a whole different story. Since electric ovens have less humidity running inside the cavity, stuff like roast beef needs a foil cover unless you like your meat dry. Gas ovens, because of the moisture from the ignition, offers a great environment for your roasted dishes to be cooked in.


When it comes to cost though, the gas oven trumps over the electric one since electric ovens consume a lot of electricity which translates to a big bill at the end of the month. If you’re going for an economical approach, a gas oven might be your best option since a tank of gas goes a really long way even if you use it to cook on stove top. This one is a win for the gas oven.


I guess what we’re trying to paint is that though both commercial kitchen equipments have their own set of pro’s and con’s, it’s realy up to you on which one would you prefer. Little adjustments made on each can make any oven your dream oven. All you need to do is decide on which one sings to you the best. 

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