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With a pasta cooker, how to make 3000 servings of pasta?

by:Grace     2021-02-26
With the fast-paced life of modern people, many young people are rushing to solve their lunch and dinner in the noodle restaurant, so what should the noodle restaurant do in the face of such a large passenger flow? Then, this noodle cooker can solve the problem of high passenger flow in noodle restaurants. Its biggest highlight is that it can set the boiling time with precise countdown separately to ensure that the food produced can achieve the most delicious taste and stable and uniform quality. If a uniform standard is set in chain restaurants, customers can also taste the same delicious food in restaurants of the same brand across the country. Features of pasta cooking stove: 1. High-efficiency heater, energy saving and fast heating; 2. All stainless steel stove body, luxurious appearance design, safe and reasonable structure of the whole machine; 3. Equipped with water injection switch faucet and drain valve, which is more convenient to use. Cook the noodles separately in the spicy skewers. Highlights of the stainless steel pasta cooker: Highlight 1: The body is made of SUS304 food grade stainless steel, and the thickness of the plate is 1.5mm. Highlight 2: Imported heating components, temperature control using EGO original accessories. Highlight 3: It has the function of circulating hot water, which effectively saves energy. Highlight 4: Sunken net plate with overflow function to ensure the noodle taste. The biggest highlight: The water coming out of the tap can be warmed at 80 degrees, which can save energy in heating. It has heating and insulation function, rest in restaurant or low passenger flow You can choose heat preservation to save energy consumption when using the pasta cooker: 1. This product should be placed in a stable place, the left and right sides should be more than 10 cm away from non-combustible materials, and the back should be more than 20 cm away from non-combustible materials (such as brick walls). 2. The power supply voltage used by this equipment must match the power supply voltage on the product nameplate. 3. The user needs to install a suitable power switch, fuse and leakage protector near the equipment, and no debris is allowed in front of the switch for easy operation. 4. Before starting up, check whether the electrical components of the product are firmly connected and whether the safety grounding is reliable. 5. Replace the power cord with the same type of cable, and ask professionals to replace it. 6. The electrical connection installation and maintenance of this product should be installed by a person with an operating certificate. Put all kinds of skewers of chicken offal, beef offal, small intestine, large intestine and various fish balls, meat balls, noodles, dried tofu, etc. in the noodle cooker; add boiling old soup to the pot, and then you can apply it at will These various seasonings, ranging from numb to spicy, taste numb, spicy, and hot. They are cheap and have different flavors. The noodle cooker can not only cook spicy skewers separately, but also cook all kinds of noodles, rice noodles, rice noodles, vermicelli, dandan noodles and other foods at the same time. Cleaning the pasta cooker 1. During cleaning and maintenance, the power should be cut off to prevent accidents. 2. After working every day, use a wet towel that does not contain corrosive cleaning agents to clean the surface of the furnace body and the surface of the power lead. It is strictly forbidden to rinse with water directly to avoid damage to the electrical performance. 3. Turn off the noodle cooker and close the power switch of the distribution box to supply the noodle cooker. Wait for 10 minutes, after the heating tube cools, open the drain ball valve to drain the water. 4. Spray cleaning agent on the outside of the equipment and wipe it with a clean towel. Take out the boiling roll positioning plate and the noodle basket positioning plate. 5. Use a damp towel to add an appropriate amount of cleaning agent to scrub the inner wall of the noodle cooking tank, heating tube, temperature control probe and water level probe. 6. Rinse the noodle pot with a bucket of warm water. 7. Add a small amount of cleaning agent with a damp and soft towel, scrub the boiling roll positioning plate, the noodle basket positioning plate and the noodle basket, and rinse them. Place it in its original position. Note: Please do not rinse the control panel and wiring area of u200bu200bthe noodle cooker with water to prevent short circuits. Wipe the temperature control probe and the water level probe lightly. Please do not use sharp objects to clean up, to prevent damage or scratches on the surface of the noodle cooker! Automated cooking has gradually become the development trend of the catering industry, and more and more chain restaurants have introduced intelligent equipment. At a lower cost, to produce more standardized dishes, to provide customers with better and cheaper services. .........We do engineering, and we are good at engineering........Science and technology modern commercial stainless steel kitchen Equipment engineering base, integrating planning, design, marketing, production, engineering, research and development, and maintenance, specializing in one-stop engineering services for commercial kitchen equipment, professionally undertaking hotel, unit, school canteen, factory canteen, western restaurant, bakery design Installation and maintenance project engineeringPrevious article:School kitchen equipment manufacturers share various kitchen equipment layoutsNext article:Do you know the working principle of commercial dishwashers?
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